Gardeners' Aquatic Recognition Program Season 1

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    Welcome! The rules for GARP Season 1 can also be accessed here: GARP Rules Season 1

    Gardeners’ Aquatic Recognition Program

    Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists
    Purpose: To encourage the keeping, diversification, and distribution of aquatic plants held by club members.

    Program Summary: Any MAAH member in good standing may participate in the GARP program. There are no forms to fill out. To receive GARP points, submit your aquatic plants to the monthly MAAH auction. Points are awarded for submitting seasonal personal firsts, species donations, meeting requirements of monthly themes, and completing seasonal achievement goals. Points will be tallied monthly and posted to the forum by the GARP committee. Theme and achievement bonus point requirements will be announced in the MAAH GARP forum. GARP seasons last 12 months, awards will be given at the annual club potluck in July.

    • 10 points - Season Personal First (awarded once per season per species/variant)
    • 5 points - Donation bonus (awarded once per GARP donation)
    • 2 points - Monthly Theme bonus (awarded once per monthly theme submission)
    • 2 points - Unique plant bonus (awarded monthly for entries unique to the auction)
    • 10 points - Season Unique (awarded at the end of the season for each plant variety unique to all auctions)
    • Achievement bonus points (see achievement list for requirements)

    Resources: For the purposes of this program, and its associated plant finder database will be used to determine point eligibility. Variants not listed in the APC database may by given points at the discretion of the GARP chairperson.

    GARP Auction Guidelines: All plants must be healthy and adhere to MAAH general auction rules and guidelines. No species prohibited by the Wisconsin DNR are permitted. There should be enough plant material included in each lot to ensure a reasonable chance of success for the buyer. A general guideline for plant material is 1”+ ball for mosses, 5+ healthy 3” stems for stem plants, 5+ small plants, large plants should have adequate healthy leaves, etc. All plants should be labeled with most recent scientific name and variant name if applicable.

    Aquatic plant: Any plant generally recognized in the hobby and by our program resources as being suitable for long term submersed growth.
    Season Personal First: A participant’s first submission of a particular species or variant in the current season
    Unique: A plant variety that is the only one of it’s kind in a monthly auction or season

    Awards: In recognition of excellence in the keeping and distribution of a diverse selection of aquatic plants, annual awards will be given to the top 3 participants. An annual collectible participation award will be given to all participants who earn more than 250 points in a season. Additional awards may be created for the achievement of particular goals at the discretion of the GARP chairperson.

    Honor Policy: Participants are expected to respect the integrity of the program. Offenses may include claiming points for plants being sold on behalf of others, submitting plants with misleading or incorrect names, reselling commercial stock, or any behavior that purposefully seeks to undermine the program goals. If purposeful dishonesty is discovered, all GARP points for the season may be revoked, and future participation may be denied at the discretion of the GARP chairperson.

    GARP Season 1 bonus list

    Monthly themes: (please note lots in auction descriptions that you believe meet the criteria)
    • August: Roll Out the Green Carpet! +2 points for each variety of moss, glossostigma, eleocharis, or hemianthus submitted

    • September: No meeting! Cataclysm club event!

    • October: Harvest Festival Mogul! +2 points per plant lot submitted that sells for $5.00+

    • November: En Garde! +2 points for each variety of echinodorus submitted

    • December: Club Holiday Party

    • January: Club Wabi-Kusa competition! Bring a Wabi-Kusa creation in a container to the meeting. Voting will be by popular choice, each entrant receiving a special monthly bonus of +20 points plus a placement bonus of +2 points per vote rank. (entry does not need to be auctioned)

    • February: Aquascaping Competition! Volunteer or compete in the Garden Expo aquascaping competition for a special monthly bonus of +20 points

    • March: Bring out your Red! +2 points for each plant variety with red flowers or foliage

    • April: Tree-mendous Creations! +2 bonus for underwater tree lots (driftwood with moss or plants attached to create the illusion of a tree)

    • May: Flower Power! +2 points for each flowering plant variety submitted

    • June: Buoyant Beauties! +2 points for each floating plant lot that sells for $5.00+

    • July: Club Summer Party and awards
    Season 1 achievements: (awarded once per season per achievement)
    • Slow and steady! 100 bonus points for getting a personal first each month of the season

    • Double trouble! 15 bonus points for auctioning 2 varieties of Anubias and 2 varieties of Cryptocoryne

    • Harvester! 20 bonus points for auctioning 10 different plant lots in one month

    • Specialist! 20 bonus points for auctioning 4 different species of the same genus

    • Generalist! 20 bonus points for auctioning 10 different genera
    Season 1 advanced achievements: (awarded once per season per achievement)
    • Tissue culture challenge: Submit a specimen you have tissue cultured and grown out, along with photo documentation of your work (on the forum or printed out) to the GARP committee for 100 bonus points. The specimen does not need to be auctioned.

    • Purveyor of exotic goods: Submit 2 unique submissions every month of the season and submit 4 season uniques for 100 bonus points
    Bounties: (awarded each time the requirement is satisfied)
    • Bounty! 5 points per month since last claim for auctioning any variety of Bucephalandra

    • Bounty! 5 points per month since last claim for auctioning any variety of Pogostemon

    • Bounty! 5 points per month since last claim for auctioning any variety of Synogonathus

    • Bounty! 5 points per month since last claim for auctioning any variety of Alternanthera

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