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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Ben A, May 13, 2018.

  1. Ben A

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    I have 5 wc Geophagus Harreri I would like to sell. The smallest is around 4” and the rest are in the 6” to 7” range. I am asking $500 for the group. That is what I paid for them. Feel free to send me offers if you’re genuinely interested. The worst I can say is no. As far as I know, only one other person has these in the USA. These pictures are when I first got them. If you want more feel free to text me.


    E4310477-52BA-4621-846F-2F166EC321FD.jpeg 7585F8CC-CA1E-42AF-BA3B-60DDFE81F004.jpeg 78D1EF2D-9AB6-4FD0-B460-261D99DC6A7D.jpeg D4BD3D6C-47CB-4193-8090-A8C861F3B0D7.jpeg
    Pick up in Appleton or I can bring them to the next meeting.
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    It's really tempting. I just love rare geophagus. But a bit outside of my price range and tank space right now.
    I hope you find a local buyer!
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  3. Ben A

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