goodeid fry?

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by SteveS, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. SteveS

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    How big are their fry compared to other livebearers? I bought some yesterday common name speckled sawfin. I believe I put them in an open tank with nothing else in there. It's a bare bottom tank with only a sponge. Just now I went to check on them and see 3 fry in the tank with them. they look pretty big compared to guppy or swordtails fry first born. Well over a quarter inch long. Maybe like half an inch. Just wondering if they have small spawns but bigger fry? I have never kept these before and I'm pretty sure I didn't have guppies in there ever.
  2. tjudy

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    Goodeid fry are larger than poeciliids. Some species are close to 1", but the Skiffia will be about 3/8". 'Speckled sawfin'... do you know the species? The 'spotted' sawfin is S. multipunctata... neat fish.
  3. SteveS

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    Skiffia multipunctata looks to be correct. Not sure if it is skiffia cf. Multipunctata though which is a location variant. I'll have to call the breeder if he knows exact location. All I know is that it is from mexico and most likely came from the Milwaukee club originally which skiffia cf. Multipunctata was bred by people. 3\8 would be about right. The trio just doubled then as I couldn't see accidentally putting three guppy fry in there. Thank you Ted. I'll investigate a bit more.

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