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    Most Guianacara are mislabled 90% of the time. I have been a collector of Guianacara and have guaranteed you will get the correct true species unlike most labled wrong out there.

    Guianacara Geayi F1 adult Males. South American show tank specimans. Approx 2 years old. $18 each or 3/$40 .

    Wild proven trio Guianacara Geayi Rio Oyapock. 2m1f. Extremely rare Guianacara. Possibly only a few shipments ever came into the hobby. These are the true Geayi not found on any lists in north America. Young adults. $50 . Group of 4 unsexed F1 juviniles $25.

    Guianacara Stergiosi. Tank raised adults . Proven breeders. 3m2f. $40

    Wild Guianacara Owreowefi Coppename . Not found for sale often. Maybe once every couple years . Fun fish to watch all day. Do best as a SS community tank. 2 large show males at 4.5 inch. $22 each or $40 for both.

    F1 Guianacara Dacrya pairs. Proven. $25 per pair. 2 pairs available. Extra SA show tank males or unsexed$ 10 each. 3.5 to 5 inch on these.

    Cryptoheros cutteri tank raised young pair $10

    Protomelas sp steveni taiwan albino. 1 inch $ 5/25

    Thoracochromis demeusii males for show tank. Neat humphead cichlid with pearly scales. from the congo. $5 3 inch.

    Coptodon Snyderae dark . 3/4 to 1 inch 6/$10

    Coptodon Nigrans. Small 6/$5

    Alcolapia Ndalalani . Soda cichlid. 1 inch 6/$40.

    Limia Perugiae. Reverse trios $5 . Unsexed 6$5

    Lamprologus Wernei. Riverine cichlid. 3/4 to 1 inch 6/$10

    F1 Parachromis Friedrichstalii ( formally loisellei) show tank male. Fairly mellow guy and beautiful . 8 inches . Great with medium to large cichlids of similiar nature. Pellet trained predator fish. $25

    Questions or pics text 715-310-2438 . Message on forum us ok but can't sebd pics over forum. I don't know how lol.

    Thank you
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