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Discussion in 'General Planted Aquarium' started by Bryan, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Bryan

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    I have a little experience with low tech planted tanks filled mostly with anubias and java fern without any problems. About three months ago I upgraded to a 30 gallon high-tech setup with a lot of the plants, but some of the ones I've been getting seem to be having trouble, particularly crypt wendtii, bacopa, and surprisingly some anubias isn't holding up too well either.

    All parameters tested using my master test kit are looking great and I follow EI dosing, didn't know what was wrong until I picked up a GH/KH test kit and saw that the kH readings are over 300+ ppm. Does anybody in the area know if the high kH could potentially be the cause of my issues and know how to manage it? I'm looking into getting an RO kit and use an RO/tap water mix when doing my water changes. Is that necessary?
  2. Chuck

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    I live in Sun Prairie and have my own well. The water is over 300 ppm and Ph of 8.5. This is pretty common in this area. I use the Walstadt method or dirted tank method. My water also comes out of the tap at about 11 ppm in nitrates. That's why I started using live plants. I can grow pretty much anything in the low to moderate light range. I don't use any CO2 or other additives. I only use a salt water softener before the water hits the tanks.
    The heavily mineralized water can affect some plant species but there are a lot of other parameters to explore. If you want to try RO before committing to it, Animart sells it by the gallon. That way you can try it experimentally.
    I hope this helps
  3. Aquaticus

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    Hi Bryan,

    I doubt that your high kH is what is causing you problems, especially with the plants listed. What symptoms are you having?

  4. kb9skw

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    Agreed I use Madison tap water, both softened and hard, in my aquariums with no issues. My water out of well 15 comes in at 23 grains per gallon. You should look up your water info at http://www.cityofmadison.com/water/waterquality/mywells.cfm and see what they say about the wells that service your house.

    If you do go with wanting to try RO water, then getting five gallon jugs filled at Woodman's is the most cost effective option. I think it's around $0.45 a gallon.

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