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  1. tjudy

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    We are all set and looking forward to a great weekend.

    Volunteers... The plan is simple. Please come on the days that you listed that you could. We will have tasks to do all day. Here is a basic schedule of days and times for workers.

    Thursday (you may not have signed up... but if you are free...)
    • 10:00 AM - meet to load vans with all the equipment and donations in storage. The address is 900 Veterans Rd., Stoughton. The blue storage units on the corner. (This is my old fish room location, if you remember it).
    • 5:30ish.... hang out at Ale Asylum with guests arriving earlier in the day
    • We will get started unloading the vans and setting up at about 8:00 at the Crowne Plaza (set up vendor room, silent auctions, registration station, fill swag bags... lots to do)
    • Noonish... vendors will start arriving, and we will need to help them move in and get set up
    • Mid-late afternoon... we will need some people to help with shopping and setting up the Hospitality Suite
    • 4:00 - registration opens
    • 8:00 - first speaker!
    • 10:00 - hospitality suite
    • Experienced with packing fish? I may need a couple very generous people to forgo drinking all night to come down to my house in Stoughton and help me pack all the fish for the rare catfish auction. We will have about 60 bags to pack. It will take about 3 hours.
    • 8:00 - Registration opens... we will need help just getting organized and prepared for the day
    • 9:00 first speaker
    • 10:00 first Rare Catfish Auction... we will need runners and people to move catfish onto the viewing tables
    • 11:00 - another speaker
    • 12:00 - another auction and then the first raffle
    • 1:30 - speaker
    • 2:30 - auction
    • we will need some help to refresh the hospitality suite
    • 3:30 - speaker
    • 4:30 - auction, second raffle
    • 6:30 - end of silent auctions
    • 7:30 - banquet
    • 9:30 - hospitality suite
    • 8:00 - will need help setting up for the all-species auction
    • 9:00 - auction buyer/seller check in begins
    • 11:00 - auction begins
    • 3:00ish (guessing)... auction ends, help with check out and cleaning up
    • help with vendors packing up
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    Friday I plan on coming after my youngest goes to school. I'm bringing my 17 year old to help. I think I can be there between 9 and 10 am. I'll probably head home at 8 pm. I have to bag fish. Saturday I think I can arrive between 8 and 9 am. I'll probably head back home at 7.30 to go bag more fish for the auction. Sunday I plan on being there by 9 a.m. to help with the auction until it's over. Unless I can get a room Saturday night and bag all the fish Friday night? I'll see what happens

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