Hobby fish on NBC news

Discussion in 'MAAH Social Forum' started by SteveS, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. SteveS

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  2. Mike F

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    That's so cool, dude! how'd you get an interview? Did you contact them or did they get ahold of you?
  3. SteveS

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    the film guy Josh Viste came and bought fish a few months back. He approached me and asked if I wanted to do an interview a month later on Wisconsin small town hobbiests if all sorts of things . I decided to. I think they did good. Only a few things I would change like what areas of cichlids I keep. East Africa wasn't put in. It also sounds like I say cichlids all cichlids are maternal mouthbrooders when it shows the Danakilia spawning. But to a new hobbiest or someone who didn't know about the hobby it is great. They got some great video. The lower fishroom is where all my Congo cichlids and Victorian basin cichlids are but weren't cooperating that day with people in tgat room. The Danakilia were in full spawn mode. Maybe people seeing them on the News will gain some interest in them or the hobby. I'm just glad they were featured. Wish I had my MAAH shirt for the interview. I did mention the club but there was just too much to put into a 2 min segment. Wish I could have promoted cataclysm and our auction .
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  4. JeffW

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    Steve it looked great. Very good showing.
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  5. Gar

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    Very Cool
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  6. Marine590622

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    We should see if they want to document the Aquascaping contest.

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