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  1. Detautafni

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    Anyone know or have experience of Heterandria formosa x Poecilia reticulata hybrids? I found a guppy look alike fry in my tank. I havent had guppies in that tank over 7 months and have not kept guppies in 5 months. I recieved some least killifish from the auction but this little fry I pulled out does not swim like a least killifish and looks like a guppy fry with least killifish dorsal and ventral fin.

    Anyone know if least killi x guppies possible?
  2. Elise

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    Hm...if they're mine (I had the ones at last months auction), I do keep the formosa with guppies. I would not have thought they would hybridize, but that is interesting...if they really do hybridize that might change a lot of things in my fish room.
  3. Elise

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  4. Detautafni

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    The thing about Heterandria formosa is that unlike guppies (which drops fry in "batches") they drop one at a time over periods of time. I'm not sure about the previvous owner but I am pretty sure I have never mixed guppies in with H. formosa in my care. I'll grow her out and see what happens.

    In this case I am assuming a male guppy x female H. formosa. whereas most people like to perform it the other way around --- male h. formosa x female guppy
  5. Elise

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    If they were from last month's auction they are mine. Let me know how the rest of them look, I'm curious too.
  6. Detautafni

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    from june's auction i believe.
  7. Scott Wiersema

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    In copy of Atlas of Livebearers of the World, It is possible for H. formas and guppies to cross. They should be sterile. It is possible for Mollie and guppies. The lesson is be very careful about mixing livebearers.

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