I am a new grandmother - apparently my 2 plecos are opposite genders

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  1. I had an albino pleco (unknown origin, it was caught in a shrimp net and raised for awhile in a lab at UW until I rescued it) in my 75 gallon Tanganyikan tank. Not bristlenose.

    I decided to liven up the tank and add a bristlenose. Went to LFS and got one that was slightly smaller than my albino (4"). They seemed to get along just fine.

    Noticed the BN in an artificial cave for several days, wouldn't come out to eat. I shined a flashlight in there last night and saw lots of little wiggly tadpole looking fry! I pulled the cave (with dad and babies and water) and put in a 12 gallon holding tank I keep for this sort of thing. Mom has been eating OK but she had a concave belly a few days ago, seemed tired. Now I know why.

    Now I'm not sure what to do next. I can't keep all these babies once they start growing out. I can't put dad back in the main tank because this will happen again. There are only so many LFS in Madison I can try to give them to. And I am out of town during Cataclysm.

    I know I could have left them in the Tang tank and let nature take its course (that is how the Cyp population is kept under control) but now that they are out I can't just put them back, knowing the consequences.
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  2. Sean S

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    Bristle nose females do not have bristles so it is likely the female you have is a bristlenose. Club meetings have a miniauction and there are other auctions in the area, Green Bay has one in October, and so does Milwaukee. Alternately you could try to talk someone into taking them to cataclysm.
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  3. I did not know that, I assumed it was some sort of interspecies mating but wasn't sure how possible that was. I got the male BN from Living Art if that helps, I will ask them if they have more specific info. If I can get a good picture of Whitney (mom) I will post to see if anyone can ID her. She has a red spot on her forehead.
  4. waterboy

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    There should not be any problem selling Bristlenose Plecos. There is a ready market for them. Only problem is they grow pretty slow and it will be a while until they are big enough to sell. I agree with Sean S., females do not get bristles on their faces and that is probably what you have. If you do put dad back in the big tank it will happen again in about 3-4 weeks. Nice snacks for your other fish.
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  5. Mike F

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    Baby plecos are really cute. Congratulations! A fun problem to have.
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  6. Not putting dad back, Whitney looks exhausted, I can't do this to her again. Bob can go back to the LFS and I'll grow the kiddies out as best I can in 2 12 gallon tanks.
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  7. fishlady

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    If you have extra cyp's you want to get rid of I would like some please.
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  8. I have 2 moms holding, once fry are big enough I'll PM you.

    They are C. leptosoma (Kigoma) yellow tails.
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  9. Mom enjoying a nice chunk of zucchini.
  10. OK, just read on another forum that dad might keep his babies in the cave too long and then they starve. When do I know to toss him out? I have a few wrigglers out already but most are still being held captive.
  11. Sean S

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    You should be able to take them out if some have escaped. Usually what I do is pull the cave out then dump the water back in the tank you want the fry in. If you repeat this several times the fry will likely all swim out, dad will stay in the whole time.
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  12. I did that. There are probably 100 in there. I have no idea what to do next.
  13. Aquaticus

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    Keep feeding the zucchini! :)
  14. Yes but I'm now going to have to go buy at least a 55 gallon tank just to grow these out in. Dad is being brought back to the LFS tomorrow
  15. Megan

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    Actually, Mom doesn't do any work in this case. She just lays eggs and dad does all the work. :)
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  16. Megan

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  17. Right now grandma's doing most of the work.
  18. OK now a general question: dad isn't eating yet as far as I can tell neither are the babies. I put a big chunk of zucchini in there last night and I took it out today and put another one in there today and my waters getting cloudy so I don't know if I'm having a bacterial bloom due to the excess food and whether I need to cut back or not. Ammonia nitrite & nitrate are all close to zero. This tank was quickly put together with 5 gallons of established tank water and 5 gallons of new water and a brand new filter cause I didn't have time to pre-soak it in an existing filter housing .

    not sure what to do I don't want anyone starving to death. When are dad and the babies going to start eating?
  19. Mike F

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    Try a couple blanched peas? Better to underfeed than overfeed, especially uncycled tank. If waters getting cloudy might be worth a water change soon.

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