I am up to my eyeballs in comets. Help?

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  1. I finally managed to build a pond to contain my two koi and massive comets year round. It's lovely, and they're all very happy now, bless them.

    Sadly, the one lady comet spawned at the very end of the outdoor season last year ( I had temporary plastic ponds back then), and I retrieved her tiny children before the ice came. They spent a semi-dormant period in my basement tank. Then a friend begged me for help when her daughter rescued some science class comets that were being kept in plastic bottles in a window. I couldn't say no.

    Now I find myself with a ridiculous number of comets (all healthy, and growing at ridiculous rates). I want to find an ethical venue to rehome them, because I cannot possibly house them all/keep them happy over time. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would more than max out my new pond, and I'm pushing my indoor limits despite one truly massive aquarium and a puny 55.

    And then there's the 80 blackwater Amazon tank, which is not an option for obvious reasons. ;)

    If anyone sees this and wants some new friends for free plus my gratitude, let me know. Colours range from bronze to standard gold, gold and white, white (just one), and some fellows in typical transition. I do have some amusing genetic flukes amongst them: a couple of gold and whites with white on only one side, and my favorite: a bronzey one with a tail that has three distinct sections. I should take a photo of that one!
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    I'd ask if I could put up a sign at the local garden stores. Maybe other people with ponds would want some?
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  3. Much to my surprise, I seem to have found a decent solution! But this is a great idea, and I will remember it the next time my pond friends surprise me. ;)

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