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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquatic Plants' started by ronoc, Mar 10, 2015.

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    Hello, I have been out of the hobby for a few years and was recently gifted a 10 gal tank and decided to get back into it. I bought myself a 20" Finnex FugeRay Planted+ light (which should arrive today) and a co-worker has a tank here at work he said he would give me some cuttings and a few cherry shrimp to get me started.

    I plan to use wormcastings as the main part of my substrate mixed with sand (black sand if I can find some) based on this guys success with using it and I already have a bunch to use.

    Anyway back to the plant ID request. Here is a picture of my co-worker's plant tank:[​IMG]
    He believes the moss is spreading from the moss balls in the back. I think the small grass plants are micro sword. The fern on the lower right my best guess is CRYPTOCORYNE UNDULATA and the stemmed plant could be HYGROPHILA POLYSPERMA. I would love to be corrected on these guesses though.

    Well that is all for me and I am excited to be back in the hobby. See ya around.
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  2. aquaticclarity

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    Not sure which Crypt. species that is (possibly wendtii) but the stem plant is Ludwigia repens.
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  3. Aquaticus

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    Welcome! +1 on the Ludwigia repens ID, and the crypts are most likely wendtii. The moss may actually be hair algae, since it looks very fine. I'd probably leave that one out of my tank. The small sword looks like Dwarf Sagittaria, which would be easy to identify by the roots and runners.
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  4. ronoc

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    Thank you. Looks like Aquaticus agrees with you on both.
    Appreciate your thoughts as well. I might just leave that "moss" there for the time being.
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  6. ronoc

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    Thank you.
  7. Elise

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    The fuzzy stuff is almost definitely algae, I've had it growing on my driftwood before. I left it for a while because I thought it didn't look too bad and my betta liked to rest on it, but suddenly one day it just went nuts and I tried to remove it but it just would. not. go. away. So be careful :p
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  8. Marine590622

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    Iwould agree that the algae needs to be watched closely, but I too look at algae as another nutrient sponge. Where are you located? If you are in Madison you can PM me for an invite to my fishroom and an chance to get some more cuttings. Worm castings are great if you can get enough for your substrate.
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    When you say be careful do you mean to not take any cuttings from this guy's tank? I have been looking up the correctly identified plants and was looking forward to these.

    I am in Madison, PM sent.

    I am intending to get a couple SAE in this tank. I saw them at Animart off Lien road.

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