January 2018 Meeting - Oh Boy! Loaches!!!!!!

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  1. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Welcome to 2018 fish nerds!

    If you couldn't tell be the title our speaker will be discussing loaches and attempts to breed them in captivity. Being a loach fanatic I am super excited so come watch me geek out, it might be entertaining all by itself. No, seriously, I .:cool:..will..:p. try..:p..to..:oops:.restrain.;).. myself....:D:D:rolleyes:o_O

    Here is our tentative agenda for the meeting- I will try to update any changes in this thread

    General Meeting Agenda
    January 20, 2018
    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Executive Board Communications
      • Garden Expo Aquascaping Competition
      • Cataclysm 2019
      • Fall auction 2018
      • Programs
      • BAP
      • GARP
      • CARES
    • Grimey Award
    • Speaker- Doug Sweet | Spawning Anguilliform (eel shaped) Loaches or Not!
    • Intermission
    • Auction

    What are you bringing to the meeting for our mini auction? Don't forget to enter it into my group auctions before the meeting to save time at check in and to give everyone time to set up that tank for those fish and plants you're bringing. Feel free to let everyone know on this thread as well. Our BAP program is going strong with Steve and I battling it out in the 21 tanks and over division and lots of contenders in the 20 tanks and under division. Thats just for Breeder of the Year, many are acheiving their milestones as well and earning their awards. The GARP program is also garnering interest from our aquatic gardeners- This months theme is Wabi kusa- and all meeting attendees get to vote on the entries- its a mini aquascaping contest!

    I will be bringing the following BAP fish:
    Ameca splendens (A CARES species)
    Hemichromis lifalili
    Lamprologus occelatus 'purple'
    Protomelas taeniolatus
    Zoogeneticus tequilla (A CARES species)

    If I can get my wabi kusa started soon I will bring one along with a few plants, don't know which ones yet, stay tuned.

    If I am successful with my attempts to culture planaria and have plenty I might bring a culture of that as well.
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  2. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    I will finally make it. Here is a partial list of stuff
    Japan Blue Guppies
    Peppered Brick Swordtails
    green Swordtails
    Green wag swords?
    Amazon sword Plant
    cardamine Lyrata
    Rotala Rotundafoilia
    Lymnophilia Aquatica
    Crypt Spiralis
    Crypt Balansae
    Crypt Wendetii
    Giant Hygrophillia Corymbosa
    2 male Limia Melanagaster
    Crypt Parva
    True Dwarf Sagitarius Subulata
    Most of these are for sure.
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  3. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    BAP Cyrtocara moorii
    Neolamprologus brichardi
  4. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

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  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    For those interested in the Executive Board (EB) meeting I have posted the agenda below. EB meeting will start about 11AM @ the Hody before the general meeting. All members are welcome to attend and provide input but only EB members can vote when a vote is required.

    MAAH Executive Board Agenda
    January 20, 2018
    1. Call To Order/ Roll call
    2. Previous Meeting Minutes
    3. Officer Reports (if any):
      1. President’s report (Sean)
      2. Vice President’s report (Steve)
      3. Treasurer’s report (Mike)
    4. Committee Reports (try to keep reports to 2 minutes or less):
      1. Membership (Beth)
      2. BAP (Steve)
      3. GARP (Mike)
      4. CARES (Sean)
      5. Program (Randy)
        1. 2018 list
        2. February Speaker chaperone/ lodging/ etc.
      6. Auction (John)
      7. Website (Randy/ Megan)
      8. Cataclysm 2019 (do we have a new Ted)
        1. Party for volunteers (Debrief)
      9. Cataclysm Separation (Mike)
      10. Promotion (Nicholas)
      11. Library (Chris)
      12. Bylaws review (Randy)
        1. Recommendations
    5. Old Business
      1. Bag Program
      2. Audit update
        1. Findings
      3. Official government/ legal documentation
        1. Do we have a list of what and when things need to be filed, re-applied, paid, etc.
      4. WPT Garden Expo Aquascaping event.
        1. Open spots?
        2. Volunteers needed- Sign-up sheet at general meeting?
        3. Assign actions
      5. MAAH Fall Auction
      6. Forum rights
      7. Laptop
    6. New Business
      1. 2018 Dates
      2. July meeting
      3. Other new business
    7. Adjournment
  6. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    I might have a few other things that I would bring instead. I dug in a little deeper during my water changes today.
    Naja grass.
    Snakeskin guppies
    Green swordtails
    Apongetons Frazeri
    Red velvet sword
    If anyone is looking at something particular, let me know and I will make sure to throw it in the auction
  7. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    Bap: Pelvicachromis pulcher
    donate: two mystery cichlids I found today (possibly Pelvicachromis rollifi)
    Convicts if anyone wants some.
    More pelvicachromis pulcher fry if anyone is interested. Parents are from Ted
  8. JButkus

    JButkus New Member

    Chuck, I would be interested in the apongetons frazeri
  9. I will be bringing:
    F1 Pterophyllum scalare "Peru Red Spot"
    F1 Dicrossus filamentosus
    Pelvicachromis "Moliwe"
    Possibly Apistogramma borellii
    Yellow king Kong shrimp

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Randy was nice enough to say he would pick up my BAP fish and bring them to the meeting. I should be sending:

    Bloodfin Tetra
    Sparkling Gourami
    Silver Angel
    Pigmy Cory
    Green cory
    Cherry barb
    Gold Wrestling Halfbeak
  11. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    I apologize for the wrong identification. It is actually Anbias Frazeri. I am still going to bring it though. I had an old age Brain fart.
  12. JButkus

    JButkus New Member

    No problem, I just jumped at it without thinking when I saw "Apongeton" lol have a bit of an addiction to them at the moment
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  13. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Advisory Board

    Planning to bring in:
    Alonocara OB Peacock BAP
    Macropodus opercularis BAP
    Ancistrus BAP
    Alonocara OB male
    C. Aeneus bronzeand albino
    Anything that gets in my way between now and meeting

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