Keeping Poison Dart Frogs

Discussion in 'Member's Blogs' started by Scott Wiersema, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Scott Wiersema

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    I just bought some tadpoles. I just received a group of Epipedobates Athonyi 'Santa Isabel'. They are supposed to be easy to keep and breed. They are bright red with yellow or lime stripes. I set up a tank with tadpole tea. I boiled RO water with oak leaves. They are deficating so are eating. I am nervous because have never raised these before. It is interested because the male will gather the tadpoles and place them in water. The eggs are laid outside water. You hatch the eggs in a petri dish and just enough to keep them wet but not under water.

    You realize that frogs evolution illustrated. They grow legs and usually walked out of water.

    Also I am getting some Cinnamon Frogs (Theloderma pictus). They are pretty red-orange with white spots. Look them up. They are easy to keep tree frogs
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  2. Nate V

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    I wanna keep the starry reed frogs and vietnamese mossy frog.
  3. Scott Wiersema

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    I will get some Vietnamese Mossy Frog. They are similar care to Cinnamon frogs.
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  4. Scott Wiersema

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    Cinnamon frogs need a with shallow water (3") and wood branches hanging for sleeping or spawning. Vietnamese Mossy frogs similar.

    The tadpoles are growing. I am watching for legs. When the front legs pop out (devlope below the skin), they can drown within hours.
  5. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    My Epipedobates Anthonyi "Santa Isabel" tadpoles morphed. They went from brown tadpoles with 2 legs and 1 inch plus tail to froglets in 48 hours. They reddish brown with green stripes. The first food is springtails.
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