Keeping up with nomenclature in cichlidae

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    Starting this thread in regards to helping each other to keep up with the changes in genus and species names in the world of cichlids. Also help positively Identify if what we are Bapping is actually a first spawn species for the program or was bapped under a previous genus or species name. In ornamental fishes, confirming recognized to the hobby as an established color/line bred form Please keep this thread just pertaining to Cichlidae.
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    Bapping fishes from the genus Metriaclima.

    For Bapping fish from the large genus Metriaclima , we are to use the correct genus name of Maylandia according to the CAS database what they use as the valid current status. There are 32 valid species and 4 synonymous species.

    There are 41 potentially undescribed species in this genus also that can't be found on CAS . The undescribed species can be found on under Metriaclima. We are using Maylandia over Metriaclima as the genus of these potentially undescribed species.
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    Just curious- if they are undescribed what is the justification for using Maylandia over Metriaclima if lists them as Metriclima and our reference for undescribed cichlids is Has Metriaclima been invalidated as a genus or does it currently just have no officially described species in it? Imo if it has been invalidated then using Maylandia makes sense, but if all the fish were just moved to Maylandia then undescribed species (and therefore newly described species could be potentially placed there) should retain the Metriaclima sp. distinction until a formal description is made or our official reference changes the tenetative genus assigned to the fish in question. I don't know the history of Metriaclima/ Maylandia so I apologize if this is a question that stems from my ignorance.
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    Currently CAS recognizes Metriaclima as a junior synonym to Maylandia, therefore Metriaclima = Maylandia.

    CAS trumps, which is a hobbyist-run website (although a very good one). CAS is maintained by taxonomists.
  5. Sean S

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    Thanks, that makes sense then.
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    Here is a link that helps explain this.

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