L140 fry feeding video

Discussion in 'Catfish and Bottom Dwellers' started by Sean S, May 26, 2017.

  1. Sean S

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  2. Aquaticus

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    Cool! I saw that I had an overripe banana sitting on the counter this morning, so for the first time I put some in with my baby Ancistrus, and boy, did they mob it pretty quickly. I usually feed zucchini or sweet potato.
  3. Sean S

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    I'll have free swimming bristlenose soon, I will definitely try some fresh produce. I like to throw in driftwood as an always available food source and it seems to be working well with the L140s, I put a fresh piece of wood in their tank and weighed it down on one end with rocks. It mostly sinks now but they are definitely finding plenty to eat, less than 2 months old and some are over an inch, almost an inch and a half.

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