LF Ancistrus Sp. Super Red Bristlenose

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Cadillac15, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Cadillac15

    Cadillac15 New Member

    Not sure if there is a breeder for them in Wisconsin even, but I'm looking for some Super Red Short and Long fin Bristlenose. I'm hoping to find 4-5 from different lineages as I am hoping to start breeding them and would like to start fresh. Thanks!
  2. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

  3. Cadillac15

    Cadillac15 New Member

    You jump on those Long Fins, I'll jump on a group of those Short Fins. I have a line on some long fin Super Reds from Florida that I think I will mix with these. I really appreciate that!
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  4. Cadillac15

    Cadillac15 New Member

    Thanks Jeff, by this time tomorrow, I will have 4 shortfin Super Reds. Now I'm just hoping the 2 longfins I order come in healthy
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  5. babers

    babers Active Member

    I think Brad here has super reds.
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  6. Cadillac15

    Cadillac15 New Member

    I will have to find out if he has any long fin super red to complete what I just got. :) thanks for the tip!
  7. Troy

    Troy Member

    I have an extra super red male. Regular finage though. He is a young adult.

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