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    What triggers lily and lotus plants to put out surface leaves? What conditions must they be subjected too to keep them submerged and compact? Can it be controlled by environment alone or does pruning become a major factor?
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    Well I have had an ( asian or african? ) red lotus plant constantly for the past 13 years or more. They have flowered on numerous occasions but NEVER created a floating leaf. The leaves are big as your hand and only reached to a height of 2 inches under the water surface at the most. The plant always would spread out instead of sending leaves out of the water.
    I use 1 watt per gallon T8 light, soil in the substrate.

    see link->

    I usually trim the leaves to fit the aquascape.

    I had one lily type plant that I got in an auction, large arrow shaped leaves. It always created floating leaves, rarely had a leaf that didn't make the top of the water.

    So I would say that the plant species is the primary factor, trimming is second.
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    We had a red tiger lotus that always sent leaves to the surface (55 gallon, so it's a decent climb up). I agree with Gordon that it's probably more species related, as plants with larger leaves won't need to get as close to the light source as smaller leafed varieties. With that said, the lighting probably makes a good bit a difference as well. The dimmer the light the higher the leaves must be to get enough.

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