Link to good reading on many cichlid species.

Discussion in 'Club Library' started by Witamygreatdanes, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Witamygreatdanes

    Witamygreatdanes Active Member

    I have found this particular web site invaluable in my short experience with cichlids and thought I would share the link. Anyone that wants to know "stuff" about cichlids should be able to either find it here or ask a question of "Pam" or on the forum... Enjoy!
  2. redefine608

    redefine608 Member

    This thread will house the clubs Library selection. There are 100 plus resources between books & peridicals we are housing currently. These will be available for club members to physically check out just like the public library. More to come as we get this going...

    Just thought I should post the purpose of this threads creation and I hope to start work on this soon.
  3. Witamygreatdanes

    Witamygreatdanes Active Member

    Oh, I thought it was like a virtual library...
  4. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Dawn I will leave this thread in this forum for now, once you get it settled in we can move Kathy's post to another general discussion area.
  5. redefine608

    redefine608 Member

    Sounds good thanks.

    If anyone is looking for printed material on any particular topic or fish feel free to post or message me in the meantime & I will look at what we have.

    Periodicals/Books are for both freshwater & marine hobbyists alike.
  6. Witamygreatdanes

    Witamygreatdanes Active Member

    I'm interested in anything that Greg Steeves has written. :)
  7. redefine608

    redefine608 Member

    I will take a look & get back to you

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