Lipstick Barbs and Glowlight Danios

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Dave74, May 29, 2018.

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    For sale:

    11 Burmese Lipstick Barbs (Pethia erythromycter): $2 each
    9 Glowlight Danios (Celestichthys choprae): $2 each

    or entire group of 20 fish: $20 total (half off)

    I'm selling because the Barbs have started breeding and are therefore too feisty for my current community tank. There are 4 male and 7 female barbs. The Barbs are currently separated from my other community fish, except for the Danios which are fast enough to handle the Barbs. The Danios make good target fish to distract the male Barbs from the females. Plus they make an excellent biotope tank since they are both from Kachin State in northern Myanmar.

    All fish are healthy, I perform regular water changes, and I monitor the nitrogen cycle. You are welcome to stop by and view the fish before deciding.

    I live in southwest Madison.

  2. Dave74

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