Live sand rash?

Discussion in 'General Marine Aquarium Keeping' started by Axis, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Axis

    Axis Active Member

    So i redid my tank last night with some Fiji pink live sand....but by the time i was done i had a splotchy rash spreading down my arms, and anywhere the water seemed to drip onto me, anyone ever had this experience? am i just lucky and allergic/sensitive to the bacteria? lol, fish are happy with the tank, as am i....just not with the new field of rash on my body! ;(
  2. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    Salt water from tanks often makes my arms itch if I don't rinse it off right away.
  3. Axis

    Axis Active Member

    i have no problem with salt water dave, grew up in the ocean and my arms are in it to my armpits all day 5 days a week with no reaction. however when i did the live sand last night i ended up with a HUGE rash across my body, anywhere the water thinking the excess bacteria from the live sand...

    On that note ive always had sensitive skin when it comes to things like scented lotions and things of the sort. never an issue with saltwater tho.....
  4. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    The ocean doesn't bother me either, but tank salt water does. I think that is the connection. It could be bacteria, or some other component that is more concentrated in a fish tank as compared to the ocean.

    If it doesn't start getting better, then go see the Doc.
  5. Axis

    Axis Active Member

    my internet is freaking out, excuse the dbl post, ill delete that asap. I was considering going dave....maybe after

    I dont like to go to them tho ;( my motto is "Ill go to the hospital if you shoot, stab or run me over!"
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  6. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    You got run over by a billion bacteria.
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  7. Axis

    Axis Active Member

  8. Ashley

    Ashley Well-Known Member

    Saltwater doesn't bother me but salt creep sure does! I get an awful rash if my skin comes in contact with salt creep. Since bagged live sand has been sitting around for a while there could very easily be some stale salt water in the bag that could cause irritation.
  9. Cinnamonsticks

    Cinnamonsticks Moderator

    I tried searching quickly, but I am coming up with nothing. Use some aloe vera and see the doctor. Good luck.
  10. Axis

    Axis Active Member

    turned out to be the plethora of corals i handled lastnight *rolls eyes* everying with bright colors is toxic! *palm face*
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