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  1. DBlauj Member

    Is there any difference in long fiber sphagnum peat moss or regular sphagnum peat moss (sorry I am new to using peat moss). I am looking to lower my ph level and really can't go about an RO system so it seems this is my best bet for now. Also I know I can get sphagnum peat moss from Menards but where would I find Long fiber sphagnum peat moss? Thanks.
  2. tjudy Executive Board

    You can get the long fiber moss at Menards (or your should be able to), but if not, try a specialty nursery that sells supplies for hanging planter baskets. The long fiber moss is what is used to hold the soil in the basket.

    Long fiber moss is dried plant material that has not gone through the decomposition that peat has. Technically, long fiber moss is not peat... yet. That takes a few thousand years. Long fiber moss will not acidify water as well as peat will. I use it as a substrate for egg scattering danios, barbs and tetras. I also line the inside of spawning caves with the moss for cichlids. The microhabitat in the pile of moss or in the cave will have a slightly lower pH. But the water has to be very soft for the pH to drop significantly.
  3. DBlauj Member

    O.K. I guess in that case I will stick to the moss I have now it is just a little messier than I would like. I figured the long strands would be less mess.
  4. Marine590622 Executive Board

    Why can't you do RO? COST?
  5. DBlauj Member

    Cost is not the problem just our living arrangement. We live in a condo so I don't know how she would feel about an RO unit connected to the bathroom. I don't have a basement or some work sink to connect the unit. I have never used one and haven't really looked too much into them (fairly new to the hobby) but from what I was told I need a way to get rid of the waste water. For now I just think it would be more chaos than what my wife would like lol. Although if anyone has suggestions I'd be willing to hear them.
  6. tjudy Executive Board

    Waste water can go down the drain. Since you are renting, I do not suggest replumbing to get a dedicated RO feed. About the only way to make it feasible in your situation is to replace a faucet spigot with a quick-disconnect valve (kitchen is actually the most convenient... usually). That way you can remove and replace the RO feed and the faucet spigot easily. Get a 10-gallon carboy to store ro water in. When you buy a unit, invest in a gas pressure self-leveling system. This is mounting in the top of the carboy, and when the vessel is full the ro machine will be shut off. That way you can plug it in overnight, make water, and put it all away in the morning so it is less of a bother.
  7. DBlauj Member

    When you put it that way it makes it really hard not to go out and purchase a unit. I will see if my other half likes the idea. Thanks again Ted.
  8. Cinnamonsticks Executive Board

    I'm not sure how large your tank is, but in the household we have a 29 and 36 gallon. We have 4x5 gallon bottles and we purchase water from the grocery store. Water changes are usually half treated tap and half RO. But it's work to lug the 40 lb jugs around.
  9. DBlauj Member

    I thought about using water from the grocery store but again I am fairly new to the hobby so I don't know to much about it. I am assuming the water is about the same as what I would be getting from an RO unit right? If so how much do you spend each trip? I do water changes 2x a week with a total of about 25-30% in 3x 10 gallons.
  10. Dave Advisory Board

    That would not be the same thing from the grocery store. You can buy R/O from some pet shops though. I don't know the price as I have not paid for R/O in years. I have my own system and it is worth every penny. You might consider Ted's suggestion.
  11. Marine590622 Executive Board

    Dave, Woodmans has an ro/di unit.
  12. Marine590622 Executive Board

    If you decide you want to do an ro unit check with me. Ted gifted me with a box of parts we can get you most everything you need there.
  13. Dave Advisory Board

    I was not aware, nor would I personally trust that R/O unit for my fish.
  14. DBlauj Member

    I know of some people that have used water from the grocery stores as well but I'm not sure I am ready to trust that just yet. I also appreciate the offer on the RO unit and if I decide to go that route I will let you know.
  15. JeffW Well-Known Member

    I use the one at Pick and Save all the time. I fill 20_1 gal. jugs each time i go there and use it on my plecos and shrimp. Both spawn very well and never seen any ill effects. Why would RO at a grocery store be any different than at home?
  16. TANK Active Member

    I use the Woodmans RO water with no problems. At .30 cents a gallon what a deal.
  17. JeffW Well-Known Member

    Pick and save is 39 cents a gallon.
  18. DBlauj Member

    At that price maybe I'll run a trial with it and see how I like it. Thanks guys.
  19. DBlauj Member

    So I picked up some water from Woodman's in hopes that I could get my Apistos to breed. I soaked it with some of sphagnum moss that I got at Home Depot. I tested the PH after soaking it for two days and it read under 6. I was pretty happy considering my PH is about 7.6. I did about a 80% water change slowly adding the clean RO water a pitcher at a time over the next 6 hrs. I noticed my female change into her brooding colors and it seemed as though the pair had spawned. This would have been their third time but the previous two produced no fry, I assume it was because of the hardness and PH of the water. Today (day 3) I noticed the male chasing the female around the tank and it seems the spawn was unsuccessful like the previous ones. Puzzled I tested the water and the PH was back at 7.6, I was confused. Is there a reason why the PH would jump back? My substrate is Marcel's layered substrate for planted tanks as I was going to add plants later. It's top soil, calcined clay, peat moss and red flint gravel. Any ideas why the PH jumped back up? Is there a way to stabilize it?
  20. Marine590622 Executive Board

    I am drawing a blank, do you have any stone in there?

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