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Discussion in 'Marine Invertebrates' started by shawnfishguy, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. shawnfishguy

    shawnfishguy New Member

    Not much action on the marine area. Let's get it started. I have been keeping salt water fish and inverts for a long time. Since I just moved recently I only have two tanks set up; a 15 extra skinny and high with two clowns, and a 58 overflow reef set-up. I am always looking for new fish and inverts.
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  2. JamieO

    JamieO Member

    I have a flower pot, for about a month now, was looking really good when I got it. Now it is looking withdrawn. Any ideas?
  3. shawnfishguy

    shawnfishguy New Member

    Checking current can be a point of interest. Flower pots sometimes tend to not want a heavy flow, redirecting a powerhead can make a difference. Also check how much light the animal is provided, sometimes a dimmer light will be much better than intence light. It is an animal that will very in all tanks much like all corals, playing around with things like current, lighting, water conditions, but done in moderation and one at a time will hopefully find a solution to the issue.
  4. BVTang

    BVTang New Member

    I'm just getting into saltwater and am looking forward to gaining more knowledge from anyone. Look forward to seeing more posts. :)
  5. Axis

    Axis Active Member

    i just finished a trade for a 120g salt tank, im working with a guy who breeds clowns on a massive level and frags coral....so by the end of the summer im hoping to have everything going strong and breed some clowns this winter/spring ;D
  6. 01Buckeye

    01Buckeye New Member

    Large Tree Coral.JPG Tree Coral Frag.JPG
    I have a couple small colt(?) corals that I'm looking to get rid of. I'll add a couple pics. The one is a small frag, the other was huge in my nano tank. I recently had a lighting issue and moved it into my larger 72 bowfront. Being in the moving process, I am not going to invest in a new light until after the move and I'd rather the corals go to a good home than trying to get store credit somewhere I'm not going to be around to use. Let me know if you're interested. I'd like to get about $30 for the pair. Thanks,

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