Loss rate for BN fry?

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  1. Bob and his kiddies seem to be doing great, but every time I vacuum the tank (carefully...) I run across one or two dead babies. Very sad. Is this expected?
  2. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    If there were a lot (it sounds like there were it isn't too unusual. The biggest challenge is typically food supply for them all. I always like to put some driftwood in my tanks for fry to graze on.
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  3. I broke a small piece off the main tank one, I'll go get a bigger one at LFS. I think I am supplying about the right amount of zucchini, it is mostly chewed out when I retrieve it the next day, although that could be dad.
  4. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    It would probably help to remove Dad, then the little ones will have better access to food
  5. Dad is being re-homed soon, in the meantime I have it spread over in several spots.
  6. The little squirts are all over the tank. Some on the floor, some nibbling on zucchini/pleco pellet, some in the cave with dad, some but a few are at the top hanging on the tank wall with their snouts at the water line. Is this normal? Nitrogen still fine, no heater in tank so room temp and plenty of air flow.
  7. Sean S

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    Yeah, I have a batch of 120+ that are all over, they tend to cluster but there are clusters all over
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  8. More are dead today! At least 20. I don't know what to do. Dad is moving out tonight. There are plenty of pieces of zucchini.
  9. Tom

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    Have you tested for Ammonia in the tank?
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  10. Yes, every day ammonia nitrite nitrate. All fine.
  11. Had no heater in there, using room temp, tested about 23-24° C, went ahead and tossed one in and it got to 28° C in 60 minutes - so backed that out. I might have just made things worse.
  12. waterboy

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    They do not travel very far in search of food for the first few days. In a new tank without a biofilm grown on the sides they might not be getting enough to eat and are starving. Are they hanging out near the top? Sometimes I have hung pieces if Zucchini over the edge just into the water where they are hanging. When they come down from the sides, they will be more active in searching for food.

    I don't really think the temperature is that critical. I have some in unheated tanks without problems.
  13. Yes, there are many hanging on the side at the top. I'll put zucchini at the top tomorrow, I feel terrible that my poor little guys are starving.
  14. hazard

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    Generally if I see a tank of bristlenose fry at the water level they are dead. Starved or ammonia spike from dying fry

    I have horrible luck with survival rates if I leave the fry with parents. It would be move convenient if I could leave the fry for space reasons.

    I pull the fry once I see that they lose the egg sac and put them in a 5g or 10g by themselves. I could have 200 or more per tank and they do fine. Feed twice a day

  15. There is no ammonia spike. There are some at the top, some at the sides, some on the bottom, some on the zucchini, some on the floor, some on the heater, some on the filter intakes... etc etc. Dad is gone so we'll see what happens now.
  16. Just watching helplessly as more die. Food is plentiful. Water is fine. There are always ones who dart around and seem fine. Others sit on the floor, even near food, and seem weak. Then they die. If they are starving I have no solution. If they were starving and I started too late I have no solution. I know this is how it works, and some people see this all the time, and some don't. I tried to save them from the Calvuses and made it worse. Bob is re-homed and Whitney will have no new boyfriend so this will never happen again to me, but I feel demoralized. They cyps are all doing fine in the tank next to the BNs.
  17. hazard

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    what size tank?
  18. 12 gallon. All I had in an emergency.
  19. JeffW

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    I have a pair of Calico Bristlenose in a 10 gallon tank with about 100 fry. To hatches with the parents. Have only seen a couple losses I have 25 in a marina hang on breeder box at 1" and growing. For some reason plecos have always done good for me.
  20. You are lucky. I didn't have the option of keeping mom and dad and the babies together, all I can do now is wait and see if there are any strong ones who survive whatever is happening. There are a lot of variables and sometimes everything falls into place. Sadly for the fry this isn't one of those cases.

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