MAAH C.A.R.E.S. Program reboot

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    Hello all,

    The executive board voted to reinstate the CARES program within the club. The larger program has recently gotten a reboot as well and has a new website with lots of great information. I am currently the subcommittee chair and if anyone would like to join the subcommittee please send me a message.

    For those of you not familiar with CARES it is a program to maintain captive populations of at risk fish. There are a number of species of all different types. While the program certainly doesn't contain every species the list is being evaluated and more species are likely to be added. Check out the CARES website for lots of details and information about the program.

    I have contacted the CARES organization to work on adding our name to the list of clubs participating. While we are still working out the details on how we will run the program within the club we will have something in place as we start our new BAP year in August. I encourage all of you to go through the lists on the website to see if you currently have any CARES species in your tanks. If you do feel free to send me the information the CARES site requests and submit it to CARES for verification. Looking back at some of the old CARES threads here on the forum it looks like they have simplified the identification process and the fish's provenance is not as critical as it was before. I will be going through my stock and submitting my species soon for verification.

    I am very excited about the reboot of this program! This is one of the few areas left where the individual can directly help with preserving a species for the future. There are a number of fish that are extinct in the wild and exist only because of dedicated hobbyist like you and I! I CARE, will you CARE with me?
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    Exciting news!!!!

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