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    Hello Everyone...

    We are getting close to Cataclysm 2017 (September 22-24). The planning stages are going well, and we hope that everyone in our club comes out to support and help with the event. Cataclysm is the only large event the MAAH hosts as a primary fundraiser for the club. The monthly auctions alone will not cover all of the expenses of providing the programs that are presented to membership each year.

    There has been some discussion about how club members not involved with the planning for the event can get involved. Here is we need:

    1) Register and attend Cataclysm. A basic $35 registration includes
    • Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon speakers (six presentations)
    • Access to the Rare Catfish Auctions on Saturday
    • Access to the Silent Auctions and Raffles on Saturday
    • Access to the Vendor Room on Friday & Saturday
    • Access to the Hospitality Suite on Friday and Saturday Nights
    • a voucher for a 1-year membership to MAAH ($25 value... so, you are getting all the above for $10 for renewing your membership by registering for Cataclysm)
    2) Volunteer to help out at the event. We will need at least 20 people from MAAH on hand who are willing to help with various things. With that many people, there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate in the events. If we only have a few people, those overworked individuals will be manning positions and not be able to participate. If we all help a little, we all work less. Volunteer by contacting me (Ted Judy) through private message (tjudy) or by email ( Let me know the days you can work (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and we will put you on the schedule.

    There will be a thank you pizza party with a nice gift for all MAAH members who volunteer and help out at Cataclysm.

    3) Donate some catfish. The primary money maker for the convention is the Rare Catfish auction on Saturday. Our goal this year is 100 bags and at least 75 species... hopefully 100 species! We are well on our way. The species count is currently at 32. If you are breeding some catfish, please consider donating a group to the auction. If you have some catfish that you no longer want, we may be able to sell them in the auction. Some species we cannot accept for the Rare Catfish Auction, but we can accept anything as a donation for the Sunday All-Species Auction. If you have something you can donate, please contact me about it.

    4) Follow Cataclysm in our social media and share with all the aquarium hobbyists you know. Spread the word as far as you can. Our social media addresses are
    The website for registration is . Please register ASAP, so we can know as early as possible how many people we will be hosting at the event. We had about 130 registrants in 2015, and are expecting closer to 200 this year. Cataclsym will be a lot of fun!
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    I will volunteer for whatever position you need me at. I still have put off registration, but I am going to of course. I'll talk to a few breeders up here and see what I can come up with for more donations of catfish on the rare to not so common species. Are you also looking for just show tank/ single catfish that are on the rare side?
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    Show tank/single catfish are fine, but some types will do better than others. For example, L-number plecos, oddball catfish, large-growing and fish-eating species that are not likely to spawn are desireable is single specimens. Anything truly rare will have value, regardless of the number. Small species, those that are breedable and especially juveniles are better in groups... especially cory cats.
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    Ok. Just making sure incase some cool pops up in my searching.

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