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  1. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Hello all,

    We are preparing to do another import order, this time from Nigeria! We are offering prebuys to club members to give you the best selection. We are offering lower prices for this prebuy opportunity but please read carefully as you will have to be prepared for the order's arrival. Look carefully at the list, if you are into oddball fish this is a dream list. I tried to correct the misspellings in the scientific names but I may have missed some. Ask questions if you are unsure.

    1. All prebuys must have orders placed by June 9th
    2. 50% of your order must be paid prior to shipment- no later than June 16th (subject to change)
    3. Orders must be picked up within 24 hours of shipment receipt by MadTown (this date will be communicated once it is known
    4. Certain fish on the list must be picked up on the day of arrival (these are primarily large and/ or aggressive fish that we cannot house even temporarily)- Please note those fish prior to ordering, ask questions if you are unsure
    5. As a bonus, anyone picking up imported Nigerian fish will get a 10% discount on any other MadTown stock when picked up with the import fish
    6. Remaining balance will be due at pick up
    7. Any fish not picked up in the specified time frame are subject to forfeiture of deposit or additionally charges (Our goal is not to stick it to someone, if you have an issue communication is key, let us know what's going on and we will work with you the best we can)
    8. We highly recommend you quarantine these fish, we are offering these fish at lower prices because we are not quarantining them, our order above the prebuy will be quarantined but the price will go up as well.

    If there is sufficient interest in this concept we will likely do more such prebuys in the future. If you like the idea but don't see any fish you are interested in please let us know so we can gauge interest in this concept for other imports.

    Thanks, here is the list, Note there are 2 pages-

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  2. Physarum

    Physarum Executive Board

    Is #60 "Tilapia marinae" actually buttikoferi? When I google it, I get a bunch of recipes for Tilapia Marinade" :-/
  3. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I think its Pelmatotilapia (Tilapia) mariae. If you are interested I can request photos. That was actually a typo by me correcting the scientific name, whoops
  4. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Interested in 10 of the Synodontis Ocellifer . Not sure how long I will have internet since we cancelled it today so if you need to reach me try messenger or call me. Thanks
  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Just a reminder, only a few days left to get your preorders in for this import. There are a lot of interesting fish and MadTown will not be ordering a ton of different species with this first order so if you want to make sure you get something let me know.
  6. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    One more day to get your order in!
  7. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    We are giving you one more day to get your order in! Last chance for the special pricing!

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