Marsilea hirsuta care

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquatic Plants' started by Scott Wiersema, May 23, 2017.

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    I just a container of tissue culture starter kit. I planted some in four different tanks. I planted in gravel, sand and peat substrate.

    Anyone have tips?
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    From a post over at the planted tank forum

    Marsilea sp. such as Crenata are easy to grow in my experience. Generally speaking, they have one or two leaves in submersed forms. The leaves are variable in size from a couple of centimeters up to 10cm but most often at the small end of the scale. Lighting: mid-high; CO2 helps but not essential. Very tolerant of various conditions. Here is a photo of some I have growing. The 3-leaf frond of this fern growing nearest the camera is the exception rather than the rule.


    I think its a terarium plant that doesnt live to long underwater even in the best of tanks

    From Planted Aquariums Central

    Marsilea hirsuta, also known as Dwarf four leaf clover is originally from Australia, it is one of the most popular aquarium plants for the foreground and it is recommended for beginners to create a dense carpet. It grows slowly but it is easy to keep because it is undemanding and can be grown in low to moderate lighting although Higher lightingand carbon dioxide injection improve growth rate and promote more compact growth.In the lower light situations it produces bigger leaves with a single lobe.
    No substrate or special water conditions are required(temperature between 64°F - 82°F, pH 5 - 7.5 and GH between 1 - 20 dH).

    Marsilea hirsuta is planted by taking one to two-inch sections of rhizome and planting
    them in the substrate at regular intervals.

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