May Executive Board Virtual Meeting Minutes 05/23/2020

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    May Executive Board Virtual Meeting Minutes 05/23/2020

    Present: Randy Peterson, Dan Randall, Megan McGuire, Diana Peterson, Sarah Sajdak, Logan Zimmerman, Keith Strade, Ted Judy and Michael Laursen .

    Absent: Pat Messer

    1. Called meeting to Order. At 1:12 pm.

    2. Motion 2020-010 Review and Approve February Meeting Minutes. Motion made by Dan Randall, second by Sarah Sajdak. Carried by unanimous vote.

    3. Officer Reports

    President: Nothing new.

    Vice President: We need to complete an inventory of MAAH supplies and equipment for the incoming Board. Megan will work on this.

    Treasurer: There are a few things in Quickbooks that need to be fixed in order to get the books to balance. Ted Judy will ask Deb Judy if she is willing to help the club with the review and to get the books balanced. Allowing the Treasurer to be a signatory on the checking account is suggested. According to the by-law language the Executive Board can assign that responsibility to anyone.

    4. Committee Chair Reports

    Membership: Since we have not held any meetings due to the restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic since February, it was suggested by Dan that we extend the yearly renewal dates.

    Motion 2020-011To extend memberships equal to the number of months missed by Covid-19 closures made by Dan, second by Ted Judy. Motion passed unanimously.

    Program/Speaker: We are looking into having the June meeting via Zoom. If Lawrence Kent is not available for a Zoom meeting, Ted will present one of his talks. It was discussed that we may want to offer future speakers the option to speak via Zoom. We may be able to increase the honorarium amount if we do not have travel expenses to pay. However, we need to make sure that no one is recording the presentations.

    Motion 2020-012To have a virtual Board and Membership meeting in June via Zoom made by Megan McGuire, second by Diana Peterson. Motion passed unanimously.

    Ted would like to step down as Program Chair. Randy Peterson has agreed to be the Chair going forward with Ted's assistance through 2021.

    Auction: There should be protocols set-up due to the Covid-19 guidelines. Perhaps requiring all entries to be entered into MGA before the meeting date, no on-site entries allowed. In addition we may need to further limit the number of entries by one person, MGA should be able to do this. Also recommended was not allowing people to congregate around the auction tables before the meetings. Diana will look into setting some restrictions for the August meeting. She will also contact the Radisson to see what requirements they may have for holding the meeting in August.
    BAP: Chair not present.

    CARES: Chair not present.

    HAP: Keith indicated that his hard drive crashed with all the information he has already collected. He will work on getting the recommendation of launching of the program by June virtual meeting with the idea of launching at the August meeting.

    WEB: Nothing new.

    Special Events: TheMAAH Family Picnic will now be held at Ted's home on the third Saturday in July.

    Cataclysm: Nothing new.

    Bi-Law Revision: A change in the bi-laws at this time is not required. Each new Treasurer will be asked if they want to be a signatory and will then be assigned by the EB.Randy will look at changing the language about having an actual audit to just an annual review and have it ready by the August meeting.

    5. Old Business

    Audit.We still need to have a review of the accounts. It was deemed too expensive to hold an official audit so we are going with just a review of the books.

    50 gal Tank Raffle.The drawing was made and Charles Pierce was the winner. We will get the full set-up together at the storage shed and then contact Charles to come pick it up.

    6. New Business

    What posts on Facebook do we want to deny? Our original rules for posting on our Facebook included restrictions for posting anything for sale. Also, Facebook itself states you cannot sell any live animals at all. Members posting anything “for sale” will be denied. If members wish to buy anything they should ask potential sellers to “PM” them or use the Forum.

    Transition of the EB. The transition to the new EB will be completed at the June virtual meeting.

    August plant auction. We should place an order with Waterscapes for the August meeting.
    Motion 2020-013To Adjourn Meeting was made by Ted, second by Megan. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 2:24 pm.
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    My report is in the executive part of the forum under the agenda. I don't know how to zoom so i was absent but filled in the BOD there
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    Logan wasn't there
  4. Megan

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    I was the one who volunteered to be the program chair, not Randy
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    Thanks, Megan!

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