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Discussion in 'MAAH Social Forum' started by Aquaticus, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    I have been reluctant to write about the Hody, because I know that finding a meeting place has been difficult, but our meeting location has affected my attendance, so here is my feedback:

    • Near my house!
    • The size of the room
    • I don't feel comfortable sending my kids upstairs to order food or drinks. It may be illegal for them to go upstairs unattended.
    • Because it is a bar, it smells of beer, the food is average at best, and it is more of a party location than a meeting location.
    • Parking is inconsistent
    I am concerned that prospective members may be put off by our meeting location, especially those with children, or teenagers who may be interested in our club. Also, I realize that there are members who enjoy drinking beer during the meetings, and I know access to alcohol was a decision point in choosing the Hody, but I think we should prioritize quality of the meeting location over access to alcohol during meetings. The group goes out afterwards where food and alcohol can be enjoyed together.

    If there is sufficient concern from other members, I would ask that the board reconsider our meeting location.


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  2. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    It has affected my attendance as well. I don't like going to bars as the smell of alcohol sets off my ptsd and makes me extremely uncomfortable and my anxiety goes to max level. I no longer enjoy meetings and probably won't attend unless for some reason I have to. What's wrong with meeting at the same place we have Cataclysm?
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  3. Rockriverfish

    Rockriverfish Executive Board

    Eric - Thanks for starting this discussion.

    I agree that holding our meetings at a bar may discourage some members from attending, and may not present the best image when promoting the club. Personally, I enjoy access to adult beverages and food. However, it was my understanding that one of the primary reasons that this location was selected was so that we could combine the meeting and "after meeting socializing" into a single venue. That has not been the case, and I would agree that a prime factor is the quality/selection of food. It is unlikely that any location would suit both needs, and I agree that the focus should be the best location to hold club business.

    I do enjoy the larger room, but have been annoyed at the number of distractions from the bar above. Namely, the loud cart that they roll around periodically. As well as, staff that regularly come downstairs to access supplies from the storage areas.

    My primary concern with this location is actually the lack of parking . On site parking is extremely limited, and the parking lot is a maze of pot holes. Street parking is just as limited and every block has a menagerie of restrictions that make it nearly impossible to legally stay in one spot for the duration of the meeting. While I have yet to see anyone ticketed, I fear the day when we all come out of the meeting to find citations littering our windshields.

    Dan Randall
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  4. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I agree. The venue was supposed to provide "one stop shopping" - meeting place & food. The food isn't good and the atmosphere is lacking. I miss the Great Dane frankly. The food there was consistently good and the atmosphere great.

    Parking is also a concern of mine as I have developed severe arthritis in my right knee.

    I am also annoyed by the distractions Dan mentioned.

    I would once again suggest the Goodman Center even though parking would be an issue one month, November, when they are handing out Thanksgiving dinners to the needy. We could have a bartender for relatively low cost - I think it is $20 per hour minus sales made. So basically free if people buy $20 worth of drinks per hour. The other alternative is to see if we can go back to the bowling alley.

    The Hody was supposed to be free, but turned out to be $100 per month. The Goodman Center is, I think, $75 per month.
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  5. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I am happy someone has brought this up. I attended one meeting at the Hody and for many of the reasons mentioned I will not be going back.
    I miss socializing with everyone but am not a big fan of the Hody. The Goodman Center or the bowling alley would be much better.
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  6. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    i went to one meeting so i don't have much to judge on. i agree we needed a bigger venue but i wasn't impressed with the Hody. I don't have any ideas , so I have nothing to offer.
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  7. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Thanks all for the feedback. I will put this on the executive board agenda
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  8. mlaursen

    mlaursen Well-Known Member

    I just attended my first meeting at the Hody, and admittedly due to my sketchy attendance maybe don't have the biggest say in the matter, but I was rather put off by the parking situation (though i did get to park right by the door). I didn't really notice the other factors, but given that on occasion members have larger items to transport, and/or mobility issues, kids, etc.

    - The dead guy that is suddenly alive again
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  9. bahamafj11

    bahamafj11 Well-Known Member

    I like Dream lanes. Thank you! :D
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  10. Bushman

    Bushman Active Member

    I like Dream Lanes too. Thank you! Even more so when Jeff buys me a beer.
    I was under the impression we had been kicked out of there.
  11. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    We we not booted by any means. But they have a lot of tournaments and other events coming in which would bump us from the big room into the small room, and with the size that we have grown to it's just not ample space for us.

    We also struggled with the bowling noise and wifi connectivity issues.
  12. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Love the room size at the Hody. Parking is a negative. Dont want to be in a bar but better than the bowling alley. I didnt care for the bowling alley. Room was small. Kinda ghetto. A community center or hotel ( with bar for people who like that)would be ideal . I think it would attract more members. A bunch of us have kids also.
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  13. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I have a call into Margo at the Goodman Center. I agree, esp after seeing the crowd Saturday, that we wouldn't really fit size-wise in the bowling alley anymore. Esp. if they tried to bump us to the smaller room.
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  14. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    What about the hotel that we hold cataclysm at? They have multiple rooms
  15. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator


    My guess is that they would be expensive and that the hotel probably reserves those for conferences, etc, where they get room reservations like weddings.


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