Micropoecilia minima

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by Scott Wiersema, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    I am bringing some for BAP tomorrow. Since they are not a well known species. The are in the group of guppy-like species. They care is similar to Endlers. The females are more silver in color tan tan. The males take longer to color up than Endlers and have a lar square dorsal fins. With colder temperatures more males are born. The with warm temperatures the opposite is true. I bought the4m from Rick Borstein from the Chicago Livebearers association table at the swap.They are eat to care for.
  2. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    I thought you got these from out speaker back in September, Liz Marchio. I remember you buying the bag of livebearers she brought in, and then you split it with someone else at the meeting.
  3. Elise

    Elise Active Member

    Is the cold temperature = more males thing pretty typical for livebearers? I've noticed a lot of males in my guppies, and was wondering if it was temperature dependent since they're in the basement.
  4. TANK

    TANK Active Member

    Warmer temps usually means more male.
  5. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    No those were Pygmy swordtail (Xiphorphorus pygmeus) which grow very slowly. They are not very colorful but they are different..

    They hard to get. I have had several people tell they have not seen them in years. I didn't want all the eggs in one basket. I have several people interested as soon as I have extra..

    I would not be surprised if each species has trigger that will skew the sex ratios.
  6. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, that sets my memory straight. Make sure the fish you are submitting are the proper size please.
  7. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    The fry are small. They do best with brine shrimp. Or the flake must be very finely crushed.
  8. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

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