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  1. OK so I have done some experimenting with the Repashy flavors. I have made Spawn and Grow, Morning Wood, Soilent Green, Community Plus and Super Green all individually and sometimes mixed together in various configurations. I also have the NLS Gel food and I have some NLS Grow powder and a big can of Cyclopeeze. All of these have made it in some form into my gel mixes -this is what I have found.

    The Cyp fry will eat anything.
    The Nerites will eat anything.
    The neon Danios will eat anything.
    The big Cyps, Synodonts and small Calvuses will deign to eat this stuff if nothing else offered. The big Calvus Dolph just sits in his cave and glares at me, but he is perpetually angry so I’m used to that. All of them were brought up on Ken’s flake food and some NLS so this is a new thing for them.

    Whitney does not seem to be all that thrilled with any kind of Repashy product so I wind up just having to give her zucchini - I was hoping she’d like the Morning Wood but she turns her little nose up at it.

    I was hoping Gomer, my Eretmodus, would enjoy the Soilent Green because he technically is an Aufwuchs grazer but so far he’s a big fussypants about anything other than his beloved Ken’s spirulina flakes and Omega pellets. I could break up some flakes and put them in the Soilent Green and then make a gel out of that and see what happens.

    Has anyone here tried Bottom Scratcher or Redrum? I plan to get some Fruit Luups from Swiss Tropicals while I’m at it, so I have the ~ complete fish set.

    Anyway so far I like the concept and the convenience particularly as a weekend food or for fry but so far it seems like I’ve sunk a lot of money into things that my adult fish are completely mystified by.
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    The issue is probably a combination of factors. Most fish established on one form os food will take a while to switch over to another, and the longer that the food they are comfortable with is available to them, the loner that transition will take. Go a few days without feeding anything, and then try again with Repashy. Hungry fish are more receptive to new things.

    Particle size is also important. A lot of the fish you mention are small invertebrate feeders, and as such that are not naturally inclined to bite small chunks out of big blocks of food. Try crushing the repashy up into bite-size morsels for them. Once they recognize it as food, they will start to tear into blocks.

    Scents and flavors... Calvus are picky in general, but are also invertebrate predators. Foods like Morning Wood, Super Green and Soilent Green may not smell like prey to them. Community Plus also has a lot of fish protein in it, and they may not like that either. I would try Bottom Scratcher, as it does not have any fish protein at all. Only invertebrates.
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    If only you could have tried the best smelling Repashy food ever.......................................................... Ted's Most Excellent!!! Fruut Luups is like pretty good, too but.............o_O
  4. I’ll order the Fruit Luups and Bottom Scratcher. Thanks for the tips, I never thought to squish the stuff up.

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