My rare planted tank collection

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquatic Plants' started by Vshrimp, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Great looking plants!!
  3. Vshrimp

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    Thanks. This is just a few. I have a little more to show ;)
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  4. Marine590622

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    hopefully we can talk you into bringing some of those into our auctions.
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  5. Vshrimp

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    We shall see ;)
  6. Vshrimp

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    New additions to my collection:

    Anubias mini coin


    Don't know much about it but it's by far the smallest anubias I've kept. Super slow grower from what I'm told. Leaves are probably the size of baby dwarf tear leaves.

    Anubias white

    Pretty much a miniature Anubias pinto but stays more white and grows very slow compare to A. Pinto.

    Anubias Alba

    Whites of the variegated anubias. First pics is of A. Alba at fully submerged. Second pics is of what I have at the moment. Was grown TC so it'll take while to transition.

    Anubias Stardust Milkyway



    A variation of the A. Stardust. Cultivated for more white specks giving it the name "milky way".

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    You coming to Madison for our shrimp talk this month?
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    Wish I can but I can't. Work schedule doesn't permit for both MKE and Madison.
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