Nate's Carnivorous Plants Thread

Discussion in 'Member's Blogs' started by Natives2WI, May 21, 2016.

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    Well I want to start off saying, I really enjoy scaping things. As most of you know, I change out my fish so fast in what I keep. I set up tanks to suit certain species, enjoy it for a while, then want to change. These plants have kept my attention a bit longer. I currently have 10 different species of carnivorous plants here in the US and 3 others in Sweden. Here are a few pictures of what I currently have. Not everyone knows, but the pitcher plant has a few species native to Wisconsin. Next time I am up at my parents, I will take a picture of the one I got my mother for mother's day. I have currently (in the US) 3 species of sundew, 1 US native pitcher plant, 2 tropical, and 4 species of venus fly traps. I will take more pictures also as my terrarium takes shape and parts get done. Right now, they are all in their own pots, or, in my 1.5 gallon L terrarium. haha, yeah, 1.5 gallons LONG..
    Here is a flytraps flower:
    wingless fruit fly inside the trap:
    trap shortly after being planted in terrarium (not used to the lighting yet):
    Trap and sundew (word of advice, don't feed them food that is too big.. you can see the fuzz, that was because it ate a pinhead cricket, and it was too big, so it molded.. I had to cut it out so that it wouldn't harm the plant.)
    new venus fly trap waiting for new terrarium to be done (you can kind of see a tropical pitcher in the background):
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    This thread is 3 years old but...wondering if you still have these plants. Really interested in keeping sundews. The last time I kept a sundew plant was back in my senoir year in high school lol.
  3. Scott Wiersema

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    I love weird plants too.
  4. Nate V

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    Sorry, I no longer have them. Tried to move them and must have done something wrong as they all died. I do have custom pitcher plant planters that I have been making. My parents had their plant make it 3 years and recently died, the other was given to a friend and they have had theirs going for 2 years. This summer I will keep some pitcher plants in my pond.

    Btw, yes, that is my old account in the original post

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