Need some koi? Two gift certificates available!

Discussion in 'Goldfish and Koi' started by duxallinarow, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. duxallinarow

    duxallinarow Active Member

    I went to the June auction with two gift certificates for koi – and came back with two gift certificates for koi. I'm pretty much at my limit in my little ponds, and so can't use them myself.

    If any of you ponders would like one (or both), let me know. I have two gift certificates, each good for one free regular fin 4" koi ($12 value) from Paradise Pond Shop in Cottage Grove. The shop has a lot of cool stuff (plants, equipment, livestock), and is worth the drive in the country.

    3106 Oak St., Cottage Grove, WI. (608) 873-9707.
  2. jeri

    jeri Member

    I'm interested in them if you have no other takers. I always like to go to new pond shops.
  3. power

    power Member

    diddo after jeri i live right in sun prairie so could easily pick them up my 1200 gal koi pond olny has 4 in there right now and 1 or two more would be fine

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