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    Well it's time to rebuild a few tanks. A year or so ago I build a 15 gallon aquarium using Aquasolum by Aquavitro. This tank thrived very well under a Finnex FugeRay light. So well that the root structure of the plants resembled something like a weaved mat. I pulled out several plants for the aquascaping event and in the end ended up pulling everything out. So now it's time to rebuilt and replant.

    Both 15g tanks have plants that are taller than they should be so they are being retired in favor of 20g tanks. The one below is my tank from the Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship. It has just black blasting sand in it so it's not really suited for long term plant growing. So I have drained the old 15g with the Aquasolum, removed any of the visible snails and put a thin layer of the Aquasolum on the bottom of the new 20g. I need to put a few Flourish Tabs in the soil before I cap it with the sand but otherwise I am going to keep this tank pretty simple. Just the driftwood, the large Echninodorus Red Flame and a few other plants. The background is painted black so shrimp should be easy to watch. I'll probably populate it with some pygmy swardtails as well as they should not bother the inverts.

    I will end up with another 20g aquascaped tank next to this one as well in the future. Same Aquasolum but capped with Red Flint gravel. Someday I will build a 24" version of my 48" oak stand and these will end up on that, then I can put the other 55g on the stand as was intended.


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