No more babies please! Need to re-home Ancistrus dad.

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  1. After the tragic loss (unexplained, possible bad piece of driftwood) of all of Whitney (albino Ancistrus) and Bob's (generic brown spotted, from Living Art) fry, I gave Bob away to club member. Later I received (from same club member) an Ancistrus who was Bob's "daughter". Oops! Bristles a few months later.

    Bob's son (Buddy) and Whitney hit it off. The Calvuses got all but 2 (from several matings).

    Earlier this week I grabbed Buddy and his fry-filled cave and put them in separate tank.

    Fry are fine, Buddy back in main tank, but I can't handle any more fry, and I can't handle knowing what will happen if I leave him in there, so I need to find home for Buddy.

    If anyone in Club can take a generic dark spotted Ancistrus who is great dad, let me know, I can deliver.

    I know I can bring him to Living Arts but I can't be sure they'll sell him to a nice owner.

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    Bring him to the meeting today (1pm, Ten pin alley) and he will be received warmly.
  3. For auction? No time to enter info. Plus I have no bags. Last time I brought a fish in (not for auction but to give to member, I used 1 bag & one ziplock) I got scolded for using wrong bag. I can only bring in a rubbermaid. If that is OK then I'll go to work (where tank is) and chase him down.
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    I can bring some bags if needed and we can bag him at the meeting.
  5. OK, thanks. I'll go get him.
  6. BTW, I seem to have a pair of breeding S. lucipinnis (or petricola, now I'm not sure). They are egg scatterers so they must have scattered some into Buddy's cave and he fanned them along with his own. One survived the Calvuses and I *might* have one more with the new fry. Surrendering Buddy means I lose that method of getting Synodontis fry, but now that I know I have a breeding pair I can put them in separate tank and see what happens.
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    I’m thinking buddy is the bristlenose I purchased at the auction. He is doing well in a 100gallon stock tank with numerous other bristlenose. Just thought you would like to know. He’s a nice looking fish.
  8. Thanks, his kids are all well and thriving. I'm glad he went to a good home.

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