November EB Meeting Minutes 11/16/19

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    November Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/16/19

    Present: Dan Randall, Ted Judy, Megan McGuire, Diana Peterson, Pat Messer, Logan Zimmerman and Sarah Sajdak.

    Also present: Randy Peterson and Keith Strade

    1. Motion 2019-007 Call Meeting to Order. Motion made by Ted Judy, Second by Pat Messer. Carried by unanimous vote. Meeting called to order at 11:21 am.

    2. Motion 2019-008 Review and Approve October Meeting Minutes. Motion made by Ted Judy, Second by Megan McGuire. Carried by unanimous vote.

    3. Officer Reports

    President: Nothing to report.

    Vice President: Nothing to report.

    Treasurer: October auction income was $353.80.

    4. Committee Chair Reports

    Membership: 4 paid individual annual memberships and 2 paid family annual memberships. Dan is still working on cleaning up the bidder number list and making bidders not active for 1 year – inactive.

    Program/Speaker: Schedule for 2020 is complete. We will post up to 3 months in advance on the Website.

    Auction: Motion 2019-009 To have the January meeting auction a $1.00 a bag commissions only. Motion made by Diana Peterson, Second Ted Judy. Motion carried unanimously.

    We will begin marketing this after the Holiday Party in December.

    BAP: The Board and Committee Chair agreed that we should give out the Plaques with only the plates they have earned so far and then hand out the next level plates as they are earned.

    : Table the discussion about reporting Cares species kept until Sean Stake can be present.

    GARP: Motion 2019-0010 To dissolve the GARP program made by Dan Randall, second by Ted Judy. Motion passed unanimously.

    Motion 2019-011 To create a new HAP exploratory committee made by Dan Randall, second by Ted Judy. Motion passed unanimously. Keith Strade will be the Chair for this committee.

    WEB: An error was detected in one of the pages of our Website. This page did not have updated information regarding meeting place. The page was deleted.

    Special Events: Sarah confirmed that she will host the Holiday Party at her home on the 3rd Saturday in December. She will get something up on the forum as soon as she can.

    Cataclysm: The contract for the 2021 Cataclysm being held at the Mariott West was signed.

    5. Old Business

    By-law revisions. The revisions should be to the Board by the January meeting so we can put it to the vote at the February meeting.

    50 gal Tank Raffle. The set-up being raffled should be brought to the January meeting so that we can sell the rest of the tickets and get it raffled off.

    What to do with other tanks in storage. Other ideas were to have a set-up as a door prize at the April Auction. Selling the tanks and stands for $50.00. Sell other equipment (i.e. lights, heaters, filters) in the meeting auctions a few at a time.

    6. New Business

    Request to post Exotic Pet Rescue information on our forum. We will not be posting this information and if there are further requests, refer them to Dan Randall.

    Donations of equipment and/or time to the Humane Society. Megan will look into this further and report at the next EB meeting in January.

    Do we want to run some type of Amnesty Program? We could develop this type of program to have any unwanted animals dropped off be put in the auction and donations. The drawback is what to do with the animals that do not sell in the auction. We need further discussions about this. One thing to keep in mind is that we would need to watch for any person dropping off unwanted fish and then sitting in the audience at the auction to buy new fish.

    Facebook page postings from other groups.Pat Messer will go through the posts on our Facebook page to ensure that there is only 1 post per week from any one group or event. All posts must be approved before they will be posted.

    Motion 2019-012 To Adjourn Meeting was made by Ted Judy, second by Sarah Sajdak and the motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 12:17 pm.

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