October EB Meeting Minutes 10/19/19

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    October Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/19

    Present: Dan Randall, Ted Judy, Megan McGuire, Diana Peterson, Pat Messer and Sarah Sajdak

    Absent: Logan Zimmerman

    Also present: Randy Peterson and Keith Strade

    1. Motion 2019-001 Call Meeting to Order. Motion made by Dan Randall, Second by Ted Judy Carried by unanimous vote. Meeting called to order at 11:23 am.

    2. Motion 2019-002 Review and Approve September Meeting Minutes. Motion made by Ted Judy, Second by Megan McGuire. Carried by unanimous vote.

    3. Officer Reports

    President: Nothing to report.

    Vice President: Nothing to report.

    Treasurer: September auction income was $100.20. Upcoming insurance payment of $1,216.

    4. Committee Chair Reports

    Membership: 1 paid individual annual memberships and 0 paid family annual memberships. Dan is working on cleaning up the bidder number list and making bidders not active for 1 year – inactive.

    Program/Speaker: November speaker is Greg Sage. December will be the Holiday Party. Schedule for 2020 is almost complete. We will post up to 3 months in advance on the Website.

    Auction: More discussion about changing auction splits. Having the first $1.00 to Club and then an 80/20 split was discussed and will need more discussions. Also the minimum bid option was again discussed. Possibly we may adopt the minimum bid option if the minimum bid placed on a bag is the seller's bid (basically this is the seller is placing the first bid on the lot and an 80/20 split is applied to that bid if there are no further bids on the lot) Also the seller must be present. Any unsold bags left with the seller not present become a full donation to the club. Further discussions will be needed.

    BAP: Nothing to report.

    Cares: Nothing to report.

    GARP: Nothing to report.

    WEB: All updates have been made to the EB and Committee members.

    Special Events: Sarah confirmed that she will host the Holiday Party at her home on the 3rd Saturday in December.

    Cataclysm: Motion 2019-003 To Hold Cataclysm in the future was made on line by Megan McGuire, second by Diana Peterson. Motion passed with a majority vote. A general meeting will be held to discuss further details and will be open to anyone interested. This meeting will be on October 26, at 10:00 a.m. and will be at Ted Judy's house in McFarland. This should be announced in today's meeting and also put on the forum to notify any interested members. Megan informed the Board that the contract from the Mariott is $1,000 above what the Crowne Plaza charged us this year. However, we have not received a contract from the Crowne Plaza for the 2022 event. We will wait until Tuesday and if its not received, we will go with the Mariott.

    New Meeting Venue Search: As the meeting location has been changed to the Radisson as of the November meeting, Motion 2019-004 To Dissolve the Meeting Space Committee was made by Megan, second by Ted and the motion passed unanimously.

    5. Old Business

    Moving the storage to Ted's storage in Stoughton will take place on October 21. Diana will check if we can get a refund for November since it has already been charged to our account.

    6. New Business

    Hosting the GLAC in 2020. Motion 219-005 To forgo hosting in 2020 was made by TedJudy, second by Megan. The motion passed unanimously. There is a possibility of hosting in the future with an event similar the Cataclysm in an effort to make money instead of losing money with the event. All items being stored from past GLAC events can be moved to Ted's storage.

    Allowing the For Sale Section of the Forum for Paid Members Only. A change in the current forum is not needed at this time, but we should continue to police for commercial sellers.

    Motion 2019-006 To Adjourn Meeting was made by Ted Judy, second by Pat Messer and the motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 12:23 pm.

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