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    Haven't done much in the fish room other than feed the fish for a while now. Some of you know that I haven't been feeling well for several years now and it does effect my hobby. I finally found out why. I have Lyme disease. So from the sound of it I am going to have good days and bad days probably for the rest of my life as you can get it to go into remission but there is no cure. Depending how treatment goes I might have to do some thinking as to whether I am going to be able to continue in this hobby or have to give it up.
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    Yesterday: all tap water tanks (in the basement) got a water change and tops cleaned.
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    Just had a whole house filter break. The plastic part that holds the filter cracked at the bottom and had water spraying everywhere. Good thing I heard it blow and got down to turn the water off. Floor and some stuff around the filter got pretty wet but I don't think anything got any permanent damage.
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    Anyone want to venture a guess at how many red marble bn are in the tank. I couldn't even get all of them in the picture.

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    After watching a you tube video I think I might try breeding some neon tetras. Totally out of my skill set so this should be interesting
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    Did a 50% water change on all my rainwater tanks today. The fish didn't seem to like it since the new water was so cold so that will be the last water change with rainwater till spring. Not sure what to do at this point since I am so used to doing 90% water changes weekly and have only been able to do 50% on the rain water tanks the last two times and now won't have access to rain water till spring. I can attempt to just top off the tanks with r/o water assuming my filter still works since I haven't used it in years, just let the water level drop over the next 5-6 months, or start topping off with tap. What would you suggest and why???

    Most of the fish in the rainwater tanks are L # plecos
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    Moved the cyprichromis up to the tank in the living room so they can be the biggest fish in the tank. Hopefully they will start breeding.
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    Lots of water changes today, and cleaned a few sponge filters. I forgot how much sponge filters can stink so I am sitting here with the sliding glass door open hoping that some fresh air in the house might help.
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    Lots of water changes lately. Tomorrow some fish tetris because one of my tanks decided to start dripping, not sure from where, but it will be replaced tomorrow with a different tank.
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    Got the breeding tank set up for the neon tetras, posted a picture of it on the forum where I was asking about breeding them.

    Moved the L128's into their own 20 long tank but had to use gross rainwater from the tetra, ram, apisto tank as they were originally in with them. Added a power head for current and will slowly add tap water till I can get the tank full again. Hoping this will trigger a spawn. Picture of the tank as it is today right after being set up.

    These are the only 2 tanks I have that look this gross. I like very clean tanks so all my others are very clean.

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    Fish currently in the fish room: 11/19/2019


    L 128





    L333 (fry growing out)


    Hemiloricaria lanceolata

    Brown bristle nose (died-tank crash)

    Super red bristle nose

    Red marble bristle nose (breeding)

    Albino long fin bristle nose (male died, only females left)


    Blueberry botia

    Clown Loach

    Spotted and striped Raphael

    Synodontis mulitpunctatus

    Synodontis luccipinnis

    Tanganyikan Cichlids:

    Tropheus Duboisi Mboko (breeding)

    Ophthalmotilipia ventralis “chituta” (breeding)

    Julidochromis ornatus (fry growing out)

    Julidochromis regani (died-tank crash)

    Neolamprologus Tetracantus

    Neolamprologus Sexfasciatus “gold”

    Black calvus

    Cythopharnx furcifer “Ruziba” (died-tank crash)

    Cyprichromis leptosome tri color (died-tank crash)

    Malawi Cichlids:

    OB peacocks

    Sciaenochromis fryeri

    Aulonocara Koningsi mbenji “blue Regal”


    Neon Tetras


    Gobie (not sure what kind)

    Dalmation mollies

    Coptodon Walteri

    Alcolapia Ndalalani


    Pea puffers

    Red wag swordtails

    Just in case anyone might be wondering.
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    Feeling thankful I can open the windows in the basement. Found it odd that there weren't baby bn fry when I did the water change as I had put a very plump female in a tank with a male 2 weeks ago. Today I found out why, 2 large globs, of what appeared to be fish at one time, was what came out of the cave today when I checked on it.
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    Chris picked up his fish today so I was able to move a few fish around and get 2 tanks emptied out.

    Haven't done water changes in over a month and tanks look gross and have high nitrates. I am hoping that moving fish to different tank with fresh clean water doesn't have any bad repercussions since their water quality was so bad before the move.
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    A little fish tetris today, after hearing Barbie's talk I need to move some of my plecos.
  15. fishlady

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    Had a tank crash in mid december and lost a bunch of my tangs, and had a different tank crash today and I lost more tangs and some plecos. I think I am done with trying to breed fish. I will work with what I currently have but after I bap them I will sell them. I will be starting to post tanks as I get them emptied out.
  16. Tigerlady

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    aawwwee...don't give up now! You are one of the club's best!
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    Now the center brace on my display tank broke. I am really feeling like it's signs that it's time for a new hobby.
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    Did some water changes today. Tanks are gross, really don't like not doing water changes weekly like I am used to. Hopefully it's only one more month of being really conservative with the water and then things can go back to normal.
  19. fishlady

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    Added some snow to the pleco tanks today, hoping it might get them in the mood. Really missing having access to rain water right now.
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    Only need 35 more points to reach my goal, so I am looking for live bearers if anyone has some they want to part with.

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