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  1. koilover

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    I needed a bunch for my koi pond but I was not going to pay 5-10 a plant at a pond supply. so I was over by the Mississippi for memorial day and long and behold a have a bunch or arrow head, lilly and a couple others I was looking for . a good rinse and right now there in a quarantine stock tank to get ride of any bugs and I will plant them when I feel safe .
  2. power

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    I have had the same thought ! I like to skirt the rules but is this legal or a big no no . I guess if no one cares or the dnr is not right there go for it. the quarantine is a vary good idea, don't need bluegills popping up in the pond
  3. tjudy

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    Collecting native plants is not illegal unless the plants are located in a park or preserve where the plants are protected. I am not aware of any aquatic plants that are threatened or endangered in Wisconsin, but there are a lot of bog plants and orchids that should not be disturbed. Orchids especially, as moving them usually kills them.

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