Proper water for Crystal or Tiger Caridina Shrimp

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    If you want to get some at the meeting you will need to set up the tank in advance. I used the product brand (Salty Shrimp) Shrimp for both KH and GH to re-mineralize the RO water. price $18 This will last a long unless you planning to do a large number of tanks.

    You will need A soil substrate help keep water slighty acid like 6.8 pH and stable.

    Jeff W recommended this product at this location

    It is enough for three 10 Gallon tanks. Maybe some people can double up. $40
    I used the small grade. clump size

    I set up a tank and have berried female almost ready to release. These shrimp are seasonal so do not produce babies year round.

    I was warned to buy a big enough group. They tend run mostly males(30% female). You do not want to mix groups from different sources. They can carry diseases that can kill one or both groups.
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    This is of course more than one way to do this. I just want people to succeed. This was the third time II bought crystal shrimp. I was able to keep them alive. The added bonus they are reproducing!
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