Red laser cories and fancy goldfish

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Sean S, May 31, 2018.

  1. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board


    I am posting this for Bill Egan who came to some club meetings last year but has difficulty using the forum. He is tearing down his tank and is looking to sell the fish in the tank.

    He has 7 red laser cories that he bought at a club auction (I think they may have been a BAP bag) that he is asking $55 for the group.

    Also he has 2 really nice fancy goldfish, ask for pricing on those.

    Contact Bill via text or call at 6086973800

    Feel free to message or contact me as well if you have questions
  2. Drew Overley

    Drew Overley New Member

    Out of curiosity do you know if the red laser cories are the same as the orange laser cories? I am not finding red laser cories by a quick internet search.
  3. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    They are a different c number I believe, Randy could probably shed some more light on them, I think there were his BAP, I know he has BAPped them
  4. Drew Overley

    Drew Overley New Member

    I creeped on the BAP doc and the ones that Randy BAPed are listed as CW023 red laser. According to PlanetCatfish the orange laser and red laser are the same: "CW014 (Orange Laser) was determined on specimens that had been kept over black substrate, which darkened the fish giving them a red stripe. Over normal, lighter, substrate the stripe is orange - thus CW014 = CW023 (Red Stripe). These are not the same and should not be confused with CW010, the 'gold laser'."

    Maybe that's why there was confusion in my initial search. Just to make sure I am understanding this correctly, they would indeed be the same then? Making them CW014?
  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I think there is still some debate whether they are indeed the same or different fish
  6. Drew Overley

    Drew Overley New Member

    Thank you for the clarification.
  7. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    These are cw023. As far as I know, no dna sequencing has been done. As you may be aware there are splitters and groupers out there. I still have the parrents of these fish and they still have the red stripe when kept over white sand. A lovely corry either way, but they hide.

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