Red Sea Max Aquarium repair

Discussion in 'General Marine Aquarium Keeping' started by Natives2WI, Oct 2, 2013.

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    We just had pictures on here of a member who repaired an 80 gallon tank with two large areas that were preety well trashed. I would say you could certainly repair it by siliconing a piece of glass over the entire bottom. I have a pair of 20's that I repaired by siliconing slate to the end pieces that were cracked. In a tank this size I would be more comfortable with that type of repair then I would be in a larger aquarium.
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    Thanks for the response. That was my thought on how to fix it also... Super good deal, but I was afraid it might now work.
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    This is what I started with
    I siliconed an old glass shelf over a little more than 50% of the bottom, other than using a razor blade to remove old silicone and cure time, it was quite fast and easy.
    This is the tank today
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    Baling twine, bubble gum or structural adhesive................................... whatever gets it done!
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    I saw this tank up close before the fix. I am amazed that it is holding together, you are a more courageous person than I.
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