Rhexia virginica

Discussion in 'Pond Plants' started by hydrophyte, Aug 1, 2009.

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    This is an intriguing pond plant that I acquired last spring. It bloomed a couple of weeks ago. I have this "meadow beauty", Rhexia virginica in a regular flower pot on the patio--not in a pond--but I keep the potting media wet all the time.


    R. virginica is in Family Melastomataceae, a plant group more typical of tropical areas, but this one occurs in North America as far north as Wisconsin. Here's a better look at the blooms. R. virginica has quite prominent anthers.


    I remember seeing a number of different Melastomataceae out in the woods in Costa Rica and R. virginica is similar in overall appearance to those plants, having almond-shaped leaves with prominent parallel veination and showy, four-petaled blooms. Many of the tropical ones grow as epiphytes, but R. virginica is a wetland plant especially characterisitc of wet, sandy, acid soils.

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    Gorgeous flower, plant, and photography.

    May I ask how you came about 'acquiring' it?
  3. hydrophyte

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    I got this one from Plant Delights Nursery (http://www.plantdelights.com/). They don't sell stuff specifically as pond plants, but with some searching you can find quite a few things in their catalog that will grow well in wet soil. They have one of the nicest online catalogs and the material that they sell is also top-notch quality.

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