Rimless 20 gal planted tank

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    Hello everyone. Just to share a project show tank that I've finished recently and waiting for it to fill in now. Heres the tank specs:

    20 gal Innovative Marine Nuvo Black tank (24"x15"x13")
    2x Finnex Planted+
    Marineland C-160 canister filter
    Ebay Lily Pipes
    Hydor Inline Heater
    Ista Inline CO2 diffuser
    Ista CO2 diffuser
    Ista CO2 drop checker
    CO2 Paintball Setup

    ADA Amazonia soil

    Spider Wood
    Seiryu Stone

    Anubias pinto
    Eleocharis sp "mini"
    Ludwigia white

    The whole theme is for a white planted tank. White aquatic plants are very rare and expensive for the most part but the when they grow out. They are such an eye candy against other plants. Enjoy.



    Short video link:

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