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Discussion in 'DIY' started by SteveS, May 11, 2016.

  1. SteveS

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    I'm going to be adding an RO unit into my fishroom as I am adding more south american and Asian fish to try and keep and breed. What brand do the Pros use in their fishrooms and consider the best quality? Best deal? How many stage? How many gallons per day? I used to have an under sink 4 stage but at 4 gallons a day was too small. I'll be setting this up myself very soon and can't really decide on what exactly to purchase as their are tons to choose from. Looking for quality at an affordable price. Suggestions?
  2. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    My tap water is good here to breed most fish as it is not to hard or soft and ph and nitrates are at good levels right out of the tap. Getting tired of messing around with rain water to get my cories and minnows to spawn . I think adding a unit is my best choice .
  3. imprezars

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    BRS has a 4 stage 75 gallon a day that I use and it works great!!
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  4. Aquaticus

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    I bought one off of eBay many years ago. Most of them have interchangeable parts. The key is getting a good membrane.
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  5. tjudy

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    The basics of RO units are all the same. The differences are in the quality of the membrane you put in it. I get all my membranes from SpectraPure, and have for years. Go find a cheap, used system with two prefilter canisters, through the old crap away and buy a new 60-90gpd membrane. You can use sediment and carbon block pre-filters from Menards. I would also get a new flow restrictor every time you buy a new membrane. The flow restrictor is what will define the product:waste water ratio. You want a 3-4:1 ratio. SpectraPure will sell you a capillary restrictor to match the membrane, and you can trim it if the ratio is over 4:1.

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