September EB Minutes 9/21/19

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    September Executive Board Meeting Minutes 9/21/19

    Present: Dan Randall, Ted Judy, Megan McGuire, Diana Peterson, Pat Messer and Sarah Sajdak

    Absent: Logan Zimmerman

    Also present: Randy Peterson and Marcus Weesner

    1. Meeting called to order at 11:18 pm.

    2. Review and approve minutes from August EB meeting. Approved.

    3. Officer Reports

    President: Nothing to report.

    Vice President: Nothing to report.

    Treasurer: August auction income was $155. Final figures for Fall Auction are not calculated yet.

    4. Committee Chair Reports

    Reinstate Tax Exempt Status: Sarah stated that we have not received any information yet (although it may be in the PO Box waiting for us), but that we are listed as a Tax Exempt organization. Sarah made a motion to dissolve this committee; Ted seconded and the motion carried.

    Membership: 4 paid individual annual memberships and 2 paid family annual memberships. Dan stated that he will continue as Membership Chair and that Sean Stake spoke to him about helping out with check-in duties at the actual meetings.

    Program/Speaker: October speaker is Andy Hudson, November speaker is Greg Sage. December will be the Holiday Party.

    Auction: Diana stated that we need to print new Bidder Slips. Megan will look into finding a cost effective printer and have them printed. It was also decided to make the information on the slips more helpful, “Buyers Initials” will be replaced with “Print Name” so that this information is more helpful.

    BAP: Nothing to report.

    Cares: Nothing to report.

    GARP: We need to clarify this program and work with Keith to try to expand the program.

    WEB: All updates have been made to the EB and Committee members.

    Special Events: Sarah confirmed that she will host the Holiday Party at her home on the 3rd Saturday in December.

    Cataclysm: Table all discussions until final numbers are calculated and balanced.

    New Meeting Venue Search: Diana did an extensive search for a new meeting space. The 3 viable options were Megan's office space; Comfort Inn & Suites East; and Radisson Inn West. Motion made to change meeting space to the Radisson Inn West, motion carried. Meetings will switch in November. Megan will discuss with Ten Pin Ally owner having one last meeting at that venue.

    5. Old Business

    Risers used for previous Aquascaping Contest are currently being stored at Dan's home. If no one claims them by October 1st,Dan is going to dispose of them.

    6. New Business

    Can we add a minimum bid to auction items? Discussions included who sets the minimum bids? What happens if no one purchases the lots with minimum bids, how do we cover the cost putting lots in the Auction? A “Buy it Now” table and pre-approval by Auction Chair of minimum bids. Future discussions will be moved to the Auction Committee. Pat Messer and Marcus Weesner volunteered to be part of the Auction Committee.

    Should we have a Spring and Fall Auction?Ted made a motion to adopt these options and the motion was carried. Ted will begin looking at dates for these auctions.

    Should we change storage places?Megan stated that she had found a larger storage area for only $10 more than we pay now. It is located on the north side of town. A motion was made to close the rented storage unit and move all the items we have in long term storage to Ted's storage facility in Stoughton. The relevant items needed for each meeting will be stored at the Peterson residence. Motion carried. The items should be moved by mid-October so we can use the money we paid for the unit to help cover the cost of the new meeting venue.

    7. Meeting adjourned 12:43 pm.
  2. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Actually for Cataclysm there was the bit about the hotels.
  3. Tigerlady

    Tigerlady Executive Board

    Wasn't that discussed in the October meeting? I don't have anything for the September meeting on this.
  4. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I shared that the Marriott was about $1k more than this year's contract with the Crowne Plaza so I am waiting for a contract from the Crowne Plaza for 2021 (requested 2 weeks ago) to compare. Ted said we should only give them ( I think) til Tuesday so we don't miss out on the Marriott because we only have one date we can do it.
  5. Tigerlady

    Tigerlady Executive Board

    Right, that is what we discussed this past Saturday. This will go in the October meeting minutes.
  6. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Ooops! You're right. I got mixed up.

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