Stages of Tissue culturing

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    Stage Zero

    Prep. collection of media, hormones (growth and rooting), growing containers, pressure cooker, instraments, paper, razor knife, media jars.
    Selection of species to work with.
    Search for example of protocol for that species

    Stage I production of clean explant for multiplication of callus formation.
    Make sterile media jar for explant
    cut explant from mother plant
    Sterilze explant, prepare explant after sterilization, and transfer to media
    grow out callus, dividing and replanting until you have enough healthy callus material to try several different hormone regimes in stage 2.

    •Stage II multiplication of plants through enhanced axillary branching, adventitious buds, embryoids or callus.
    Requires new media containing growth hormones.

    •Stage III pretransplant rooting and hardening of plantlets for transfer to soil.
    requires new media containing rooting hormones
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