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    Here is an update as to what the BAP committee has been doing since last Summer, and a look to what we are hoping to accomplish before the beginning of the next BAP year (July 2017).

    The big goal for this year is to build a new database system of record keeping that will automate a lot of the BAP data entry. This is a BIGLY TREMENDOUS HUGE task. Randy has been in charge of this, and has decided upon a WordPress application that will allow us to manage the record keeping through the club website. Randy is in the process of designing the framework for the data entry fields and how the reports will be rendered.

    While Randy has been working on the database, Patrick, Pat and Ted have been tackling the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the current BAP spreadsheet charts. There has been some progress in getting the data cleaned up, but we are quickly running into a situation of diminishing return on that effort. The current spreadsheet system will be abandoned after the launch of the database system (other than keeping a copy for historical record). Removing as many inaccuracies as possible before migrating the data over to the database will make the transition easier, so we will continue with the task. Look for some significant changes in the charts in the next update.

    Delays in updates are being caused by a few factors. First, we are all volunteers and cannot treat the BAP as a full-time job, so there are sometimes several days (or weeks) which not much gets done. Second, the focus this year has been to get accurate nomenclature on all the species in the charts, and this begins with the BAP submission forms. We are verifying everything before a spawn is entered into the charts. And by everything, we mean:
    • verifying that the fish being submitted is described correctly
    • making sure that the species does not already appear in the charts under an old name
    • making sure that the point values are accurate
    • making sure that the breeder is getting first-of-species points where appropriate, and not getting them if the fish has already been spawned under a different name
    • making a decision on ornamental and hybrid spawns as to whether they can be accepted into the program under the current rules and guidelines.
    All of this takes time. One submission with a new or different name causes a ripple affect in the charts as we make corrections on all the spreadsheets. We do not want to publish an updated table until we are finished with all changes triggered by each month's spawns. The new database system will automate this.

    We are also going to try to publish more information to help you help us... the recently posted tutorial on finding the correct name to use on a submission form is the starting point. If program participants can get the most accurate name onto their sheets, then the BAP committee will have an easier time verifying the spawn.

    Thank you for your patience and your support. We are going to prioritize the updating of the charts each month to get the point totals out to you faster. That may slow the process of building the new system, but the feedback we are getting is that the updates are more important.
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    If any help is needed let me know. Some things in my bapped fish list in members totals have errors and other people's as well . I pointed that out a few months ago. I think the updates on our personal lists of what individual has bapped is more important like you mentioned at the bottom of your post.
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    Please send me the errors that you are seeing on your list.

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