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Discussion in 'Web Site and Forum' started by Aquaticus, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Any way we could activate the Tapatalk plugin found here: http://xenforo.com/community/resour...enforo-ios-android-blackberry-mobile-app.263/ I use Tapatalk to read other forums (Plantedtank.net, AquaticPlantCentral, PlanetCatfish), and it would be nice to add our forum, since it doesn't play nicely on a small screen.

    Or, is there another Android app? Forum runner is available, but it costs money.

    I'll volunteer my tech time to make this happen if it is needed.


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  2. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    I would also like to see this forum work on an app, tough I know nothing of the process. Perhaps if you set up a PM between Ted, Randy and Josh (admin) you guys could figure something out :)
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  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    This should be working now. Please test and confirm! :)
  4. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    Haha. I must've logged in while you were typing that. I got a prompt off the webpage & am downloading it now.
  5. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    Got it! Took a bit to find the right group - had to search "Madison" and it was like the 4th or 5th down. This will be nice. Thanks to all involved!
  6. fairbear83

    fairbear83 Active Member

    Okay I downloaded the app for the iphone and signed in but is there a way to log out on your phone or does it timeout????
  7. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Post from tapatalk! Thanks Josh!
  8. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    Todd, idf you go back to the main forum page and click "more" in the top right corner there is a logout option. But don't you want to constantly get updates from us directly to your pocket? LOL :p
  9. Ashley

    Ashley Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna add it to my tapatalk list!

    Awesome :)
  10. fairbear83

    fairbear83 Active Member

    Not really...LOL Though I watch it enough that it probably wouldn't hurt:cool:

    I must be missing something as well....I dont see a "more" in the right corner but Im also running iOS6..something on my iphone 4....but this is the first time im using this app....or its just meo_O I did however timeout on me yesterday after not being in the app
  11. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    This app is really handy. It's much easier to moderate the forum through the app than just through the webpage on my phone :) Thanks again Josh for setting up this forum and continuing to imporve it!
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  12. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    I concur. The app works great, and it makes it so much easier to read this forum on a mobile device.
  13. Ashley

    Ashley Well-Known Member

    I only have 1 more forum I visit regularly that is not on tapatalk.

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Just set this up on my kindle HD. Let's see how it works. It`s a bit strange so far.
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  15. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    I didn't care for it, but I might just need to get use to it.
  16. redefine608

    redefine608 Member

    Didn't work at all on my phone...Samsung Galaxy III
  17. BrandonW

    BrandonW New Member

    Does anybody still use tapatalk?
  18. followyourshadow

    followyourshadow Advisory Board Staff Member

    I don't think so :rolleyes:
  19. BrandonW

    BrandonW New Member

    I couldn't find it on there so I didn't think so either thank you
  20. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    I do not use it anymore. They made some changes to the app about a year ago. I could net get it to work well.

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